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Spam Poetry - Is spam art?  Check out this collection of spam poetry as randomized by the world's spammers and received in my inbox!

The Nigerian Spam Scam Contest - You get the spam promising you lots of money.  Instead of deleting it, how about participating in our contest to see who can get promised the most money?  The contest is now over; thanks to everyone who participated! 

The Worst Spam Ever - My sarcastic look at the "419" or "Nigerian Fraud Scam" spam that inspired my contest.

People turn the tables on the spammers:

Nash versus the Spammers - The one that started it all, Nash Chovek Vladimir takes on a variety of spammers and involves the most famous spammer of all (and one who fights for OUR side) Dr. Kaad Zias!

Shecky versus the Spammers - Shecky took on some furniture spammers who are from, where else, Nigeria...  And don't miss the Part 2 that has been sitting in my overflowing inbox for way too long...

Rey del Pollo Lopez versus the Spammers - One of my visitors adopted this great Spanish name for his correspondence with the spammers.  Enjoy his story.

Barry versus the Spammers - Barry corresponded with one of the spammers as "Santa Claus."

Mike versus the Spammers - Mike is a police chief who decided to take a different approach to the spammers:  he decided to invite the spammers over - to his jail cell...

outonbail versus the Spammers - Outonbail took on the spammers by being very, VERY RUDE to them.  Consider yourself warned - this correspondence contain much, MUCH PROFANITY!

Outonbail Translates Nigerian Spam - Outonbail decided to translate the Nigerian spam from Nigerian nonsense to American reality.

Book Review of 419 Scam - Another look at the 419 scam, this one from an author who has spent his career tracking down and arresting scam spammers...