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Outonbail versus the Spammers

Outonbail decided he would take a different approach to these spammers.  What he decided to do was be rude back to them - VERY RUDE (you've been warned)!

As outonbail himself explains:

"It is rather amazing that these useless warts, who sit around waiting their turn to be scraped off the ass of society still send me this shit. While it may not improve my chances of winning a "T" shirt any, I have responded to many of these assinine scams with letters that get ruder and ruder each time,,,, and they still send me this crap? I may send you one of my replies so you can see for yourself just how desperate these sperm burpin spammers are to seperate a fool from his money. This latest version actually is making their effort ,"In the name of God",,,, I wouldn't be standing too close to this idiot in a lightening storm, I tell you that! Anyway, if I do send you a copy of my reply, I must warn you in advance,,, they are VERY rude,,,,, but hey, you can relate right?"

Anyway, it's very rude, but there is NO confusing the way outonbail feels about Nigerian spam!

-- Mike

Here is a typical response to one of the spammers.  They are generally far ruder than this:

Hey there Mr. John Abomenu, I provide this correspondence in reply to your request to make me a millionaire many times over. What I was wondering is this, are there actually still people out there who fall for such Bullshit as your trying to feed me with this proposal, or is it that your so fucking desperate to cheat
some mentally deprived American out of their money, that you have actually convinced yourself that your big break in finding this loser is just around the corner? I tell you what I think there Mr. John Abomenu, I couldn't even imagine, that anywhere on this planet, there lives a sucker dumber than yourself,,,, no, I'm sorry, but I don't believe there can be anyone lower on the dumb scale, than an uneducated, in-bread useless cock sucking spammer like yourself and with a completely unbelievable Bullshit Story no less?
So, I thought it was about time you applied your dream of receiving some brainless American's money to some new scam, like a combination of animal/incest/Gay and kiddy porn all wrapped up in one family sheet! So, try snapping a few, high resolution, nude close ups of your Mother, Sister and Daughter, all sucking on a donkey's filthy disease ridden, stiff Cock? Well, OK, I suppose you could get a slurp or two in yourself if you need to, but I
suggest you would sell more issues by letting the Donkey fuck your dark Black, shit, stained spammer ass good and hard, while your bent over a barrel of monkeys, sucking your fathers Balls! That is, if by some rare chance, you happen to know which drunk idiot it was that shot his load of slimy cum into your mothers flea ridden
pussy nine months before you poked your ugly black brainless head out of that cave like dwelling. But hey, if not you could let one of the monkey's stand in for him,,,,, who could tell? Anyway, the donkey is just one of many ideas I have that scamming scumbag's, such as you and your family, can do to get your greedy hands on a dishonest buck. Oh yeah, if you go with the above suggestion, keep in mind that you'll have to place name tags on your sister, mother,
daughter and the donkey, so viewers will actually be able to tell them apart. (My apologies to the donkey)
  Now, If you don't like my suggestion, well then I guess that's just tough fuckin'shit you asshole, because I don't like your rip-off attempts being tried in my country or tried on me and especially by some dickless inbread spammer, so take me off of your God damn mailing list before our military evaporates your tainted little country right off the face of the earth. Or in your case, right off the ass of the earth.  So again, stop sending this bullshit or next time I won't hold back with my true feelings for you and your illegitimate scum kin.

Until then, FUCK YOU and YOUR MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER, DAUGHTER, SON, ALL LIVING AND DEAD RELATIVES and even your sex partner, the Donkey as well. I hope you die choking on his big Donkey Cock you Fucking Shit Eating Worthless Asshole! Now, I suggest you just go back to sucking the crusty dried shit out of your Whore of a Mother's Asshole before the Donkey gets it all and you go hungry!

PS    Have a nice day!      ;<)