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Mike versus the Spammers

Mike sent me the e-mails that he was receiving at his office.  Funny thing is, Mike is a chief of police, and the spammers were actually so dumb that they were sending their fraudulent e-mails to a law enforcement officer.  So, Mike felt compelled to use his position to "welcome" them to visit him in person and check out the fine accommodations in the local jail cell...

-- Mike

Here is a correspondence with a Dr.Armstrong Zuma I had on this date (July 31)


Actually it would be much better if you came, in person, to see me in my office. The address is below. We can have a nice chat, a cup of coffee or tea, and then I can arrest you for fraud. And, I will add, the jail is directly across the hall from my office which adds to your convenience! You do not even have to bring a toothbrush as we will provide one for you!

Look forward to seeing you. If you need directions or even to be picked up at the airport, please let me know and I will be more than happy to make arrangements.


Chief of Police