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Mike's Odyssey to Greece - 2005

Part 1: Athens Arrival

As I was about to leave for Greece, my perception of what I expected in Greece was molded largely by my experiences in both Florida and Korea. All three places are peninsulas surrounded by lots of warm water. Thus, I expected Greece to be hot, very humid, and hazy. However, my Greek friends told me that no, Greece is actually quite dry.

When I first flew into Greece, I expected to view the beautiful blue Aegean and see the countless islands for which Greece is known. However, instead I simply saw a haze and a few peaks barely visible in the extreme haze. (For note: my view was make considerably difficult in part due to a fat dude shredding magazines in the window seat.)

As I landed and expected to be instantaneously covered in humidity and slime, I was instead met with a warm southerly breeze and an explanation for the terrible haze: a strong wind was blowing from the Sahara desert, and bringing with it many minute particles of sand from North Africa. So, I guess you could sort of say I also visited Egypt as well!

Hills in Smog
Here is a view of the hills from our apartment during the sandstorm.

Hills on clear day
Here is how the view should normally look. Quite a difference, huh?

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