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Mike's Adventures in Field Training

I joined the Air Force through the ROTC program. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this program, you basically take a couple of extra classes during each year in college, and upon graduation, you enter the military as a commissioned officer.

The one question that everyone asks is: when do you go through basic training?  Well, with Air Force ROTC, there is no basic training. Instead, we go through a program called "Field Training," which is a 4-week (or in some cases a 6-week) program of intensive training. Field training occurs in the summer between your sophomore and junior years. There are drill, academics, and physical training that tests all of the limits of officer candidates. Is it harder than basic training? Well, having not experienced basic training, I cannot comment on that. However, of the people I talked to who have, they said it isn't necessarily easier or harder, just different. So, in this set of stories, I will relate to you some of my experiences from my time in field training, and then maybe you will have a better understanding of everything that goes on.

I actually enjoyed field training. I knew it was going to be one big mind game. I knew it was going to test every limit of my ability to think fast, so from that perspective, I saw it as a great challenge. There were times while I was going through it, though, that I thought it was never going to end, and I had to question what I was doing and whether it was worth it. But, as you will see from this, I did learn a lot about myself, and in the end, I have some funny and interesting experiences from it.

I have broken down this story into the following chapters:

Part 1 - Initial Arrival
Part 2 - A late night
Part 3 - Weekend duty
Part 4 - Guard duty
Part 5 - Survival
Part 6 - My leadership
Part 7 - Columbus
Part 8 - Final evaluation

So without further ado, here is the story!

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