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Mike and Adele's European Vacation

Part 9: Dinant, Luxembourg, Trier

Monday, May 31, 1999

Adele: We slept in a bit. Then, got up, packed and took off for Dinant and Trier. After a quick trip to the Post Office and several gas stations because the first on was unaccountably closed, we headed off.

Dinant was cool. We took a tour of the castle. The guide gave the spiel in French, Flemish, and English. After the castle, we toured a cave. That tour was in French. I got about 1/3 of it. Getting to the cave was a challenge. There were 3 options: ski lift chair, zigzag through the gardens, or straight down the turning Devil's Steps! Both Mikey and Mary are afraid of heights. We went down the Devil's Steps. I was proud of them both! While waiting for the cave tour, we saw some ugly mountain goats.

Dinant is one of the coolest places in Belgium.

After leaving Dinant, we went to Luxembourg. We stopped at the American WWII Cemetery where Patton is buried. Since it was Memorial Day, there were lots of flowers and flags.

A Bell tower
The Carillon at the American cemetery.

American cemetery
The American cemetery.

General Patton's grave.
Patton's grave.

We then went to the German Cemetery, 1 km away. Both cemeteries were mainly the remains of the Battle of the Bulge.

The German cemetery.
The lesser known German cemetery in Luxembourg.

After our quick aside to the cemeteries, we went to Trier arriving about 7pm. We found a hotel in 2 tries. We stayed near the old Roman Bridge. We unloaded our stuff, opened up the room to cool it off. It was really HOT!

Our hotel at right.
Our hotel at the right of the old Roman Bridge.

We then headed off to dinner. We found a cute cafe that was open (Monday nights are tough). We had French onion soup (me and Mary) and salmon, potato, and leek soup (Mikey). I had white asparagus and schnitzel, Mary had schnitzel and noodles, and Mike had 3 different types of fish (including salmon) in a lobster sauce.

We also had some great Riesling. After dinner, we walked back to the hotel for games and wine. We had a hard time finding a wine shop and the gas station we found was closing as we arrived, but we had success!

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Adele: After a sleepless night for me (it was too hot), we were up for breakfast. Some annoying guy talked to us through the meal. He said he'd call on Mary next time he's in Brussels. Lucky her!

We checked out and walked around Trier.  We saw Roman ruins of a bath and an amphitheater.

Roman ruins
Roman ruins in Trier.

Roman bath ruins
Ruins of a Roman bath.

Roman amphitheater.

Adele by Adel sign
Adele by her favorite restaurant.

Trier Palace and Cathedral
The former palace in Trier.  The Cathedral appears in the background.

Trier Cathedral
The Trier Cathedral, built by Constantine (you can see the Byzantine influence).

Trier Town Square
Trier town square.

We saw the Porta Nigra.

Porta Negra
Porta Negra or "Black Gate"

It was incredibly hot (98oF)! I got over hot. Mikey wanted to take some pictures of a Nazi bunker and Karl Marx House. I was dying. So Mary and I sat at a cafe while Mike took his pictures.

Nazi bunker
Nazi bunker?  I see no Nazi bunker?  What Nazi bunker are you talking about?  This appeared on no maps, and no one in town talked about it.

Karl Marx House
Karl Marx House.  Oh, and I am not a Communist.

Then, out of town with a plan of stopping by a vineyard on the way out of town for some Moselle wine. It was a nice plan. It isn't wine season, so all the vineyards were closed. We did find a wine shop, but they wanted DM145 ($75) for a bottle of wine. Forget It! We were hot and tired and cranky, so we came home. I think only day trips will be done the rest of the week here!

Moselle Vineyard
Moselle Vineyard.

Mike: While at the baths (the Roman ones that is), we once again ran into a familiar situation school children. This time, they were German and their aim was to try and knock out the light in the underground chambers of the baths. Luckily, we intimidated them from carrying out their plans!

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