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Mike and Adele's European Vacation

Part 8: Northern Germany

Saturday, May 29, 1999

Adele: After a restless night in our hot hotel room with the Indianapolis 500 being run right under our window, we were up before the alarm. Which was good, because, when the alarm went off, we couldn't hear it! Another typical German breakfast, then on the road again!

On the way out of Schleswig, we stopped at the castle. They had a big schlong statue. We got my picture!

Schleswig Castle
Schleswig Castle.

Adele and male nude statue
Adele liked the German art in Schleswig.

We planned to stop in Aachen which is in Germany bordering Belgium and the Netherlands. The cathedral there has the remains of Charlemagne. Navigator Mike plotted our course. We planned a 1:30 arrival in Aachen with lunch and cathedral visit. Then, home, only 90 minutes away. However, the route plotted was under construction. After averaging 50 mph f or 120 miles and 2 mph for 10 miles, we arrived in Aachen at 3pm. We stopped for gas at the ESSO station. They had no toilets, and I got hit by a car (in the arm with the driver's side window). We should have left then.

We found downtown, parked in a garage, and went to a cafe to pee. The food looked nasty, so we moved on. We found another cafe and opted to sit outside where it was 90oF, but at least there was a breeze. None of us had shorts! We ordered beer and fanta (for Mary) and Pizza Margarita which in Germany has ham and hard boiled eggs! ICK. We ate it anyway because we were hungry. Then, off to the cathedral, 4 blocks away. The Dom was pretty cool. It didn't cost 5 pounds to get in, but to get close to Charlemagne's coffin, you did have to take a guided tour. We skipped it.

Mike and Adele by Cathedral Model
Mike and Adele pose by a model of the Aachen Cathedral.

Aachen Cathedral
Aachen Cathedral.  Most definitely not worth it.

Back to the car. We noticed along the way, that downtown was dead which was strange as it was 4:50pm. Mary told us a story about a friend of hers whose car got locked into a garage. HAHAHAHA! But, when we got to the garage, yup, it was locked. They did have a sign, in German, which we deciphered "for a 45DM ($30) fee, call this number after hours to get your car out." Mary ran over to the little fruit market across the street and got the nice German woman to call for us. Twenty minutes later and $30 poorer, we got under way. Back on the road, we arrived tired and stressed in Everberg about 6pm.

Mike and Mom locked out from the car
When they say the garage closes at 4:30, they mean it!

Mike: Also in Schleswig, I stopped at a gas station for DM4.83 in cokes. The woman said something in German. I responded with "huh?" Like an American, the woman spoke louder, but slower and still in German! After telling her that I didn't speak German, the woman again said something in German, and in frustration went to the safe, dialed the combination, got out a new roll of coins, and made the seventeen pfennig in change. I realized that the questions most likely was "do you want change?"

We had the option of going to Mont St. Michel in France this week. However, the prospect of spending 8 hours in the car each way doesn't sound appealing, especially when you consider that beginning this week, they celebrate the 55th anniversary of the D-Day landings only 30 miles (and all the hotels) away.

Sunday, May 30, 1999

Adele: We slept in late. It felt great. We then had a quiet day. Mike and I walked to the "British Store" for shampoo and conditioner. I'm out.

Nikki got a bath, then ran all over the house flopping on the beds (HEE HEE). We played games and had a great fajita dinner. Then, Mike and Donn watched the Indianapolis 500 and drank lots of wine.

We're planning Dinant tomorrow.

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