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Mike and Adele's European Vacation

Part 7: Denmark and Sweden

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Adele: Today, we got up at 4am, 6am, 7am (it looked like noon), and 8am. Mary went to feed the meter for the car. We had our salami and cheese German breakfast and headed to Denmark. We spent an hour in Flensburg looking for the ESSO station which no longer exists. ESSO honors military coupons which give us government subsidies on gas. Flensburg was a pretty harbor town.

We did get stopped at the Danish border because the guard didn't recognize the NATO plates! On to Copenhagen.

Huge Danish Bridge
The way cool bridge that was just completed that connects Jutland to Zeeland.

We decided to stay in Helsingor, home of Hamlet. Less traffic and ferries to Sweden.

The train station in Helsingor.
The Helsingor waterfront.

Denmark is beautiful. They grow yellow rape seed, green winter wheat, and lots of lilac bushes and everything is in bloom! Helsingor is cool.

Hamlet's castle
Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, Denmark.

We checked into a large room at the Hotel Hamlet and took the ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden for dinner.

Hamlet Hotel
Mike and Adele at the Hotel Hamlet.

Mike on ferry
Mike on the ferry Tycho Brahe.

Tycho Brahe Ferry
The ferry Tycho Brahe.

Dinner at Gastro was spectacular, but we noticed everyone on the ferry had lots of alcohol with them. The wine was 2X more expensive than the food! Mike had herb encrusted salmon on a bed of diced new potatoes with a scallop and basil cream cheese. Mary and I had ground veal patties, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry sauce (sweet cranberries) with an amazing gravy. They also served fried chicken liver appetizers and bread (spinach and banana/raisin/tandori spice). It was great. Mikey had dessert which surpassed weird! It was orange sorbet on a lemon meringue cookie (called vanillamacaroni) with two fried carrot chips, fresh basil, and TOMATOES. Mary was grossed out. It was odd.

We walked around Helsingborg.

Helsingborg, Sweden.

There was an old castle and a pretty park.

Helsingborg castle
Helsingborg Castle in Sweden.

Then back to Helsingor. We bought a $5 bottle of wine which was the same as the one we paid $20 for at dinner in Sweden! Games and bed. Mikey has my cold.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Adele: Today, we slept in a little thanks to the great blinds because the sun was up at 3am! We had breakfast and met some woman from Omaha! We then took the train into Copenhagen. We walked all over. We went to the fort which had beautiful gardens. We had to pee so some Admiral gave us directions to the toilet!

Adele at Rosenborg Castle
Adele at the Rosenborg Castle, where the Danish Crown Jewels are kept.

Danish Royal Palace
The Danish Palace where the Royal Family lives.

Fortress Moat
The moat around the fort.

We then went to see the Little Mermaid. "Little" is the operative word.

Little mermaid looking big.
The Little Mermaid looks pretty big, right?

Mike and Adele in front of Little Mermaid statue
Here's the Little Mermaid's actual size...

We had some really good ice cream. We then walked along the water and saw the Danish Naval Academy Graduation Review (why the Admiral was in town).

I'll say this - the Danish Navy really knows their way around...
The Danish Admiral who gave Adele directions to the bathroom.

We walked past St. Alban's Church, but they didn't have a sign.

We then went to Tycho Brahe's Round Tower and went to the top.

Round Tower
The Round Tower.

I bought a Swedish tie for Dad. We then had a beer over looking a fountain which had water coming out of the nipples of the woman and the penis of a little boy. Unfortunately for Daryl, no post cards!

Nude woman fountain
The statue that was even better than Mannekin Pis!

We walked to the Danish Parliament, realized we were starving, and went for dinner; Neuveau Danish. Mike and I both started with lobster bisque. I had butter fish(?) on a patty of risotto with fresh spinach leaves, pine nuts, and salsa. Mike had Danish red snapper with steamed mussels and dill. Mary had rib eye with steamed new potatoes and currents. All was great!

Danish Parliament
Danish Parliament.

We then took the train back to the hotel for cards and Danish TV! On the way home, we saw some graffiti that said "FUCK OOF."

One tourist spot we visited was the Erotic Museum. Mike didn't have to go to Amsterdam to visit a sex shop with his wife and mother!

Mike at Museum Erotica
Mike at the Museum Erotica.  If only his mom and wife weren't there...

Mike: The Danish train system is very clean, but it was very confusing. For three of us to go 5 zones required a 4 zone ticket with five stamps before we left the station to board the train. On the return trip, we had to buy three more 4 zone, 1½ person tickets with five stamps. But, the train was ½ hour late, so we ended up with an express train to Helsingor!

Mom liked the fact that they don't edge in the traditional manner they use propane (and propane accessories) to burn the grass. And speaking of propane, I watched "King of the Hill" in Swedish. I think many of the jokes probably were lost on a Swedish audience, but the best part is when they translated Boomhauer's mumbles into Swedish with subtitles like "Hankesvoortfsjorvtvanaengidang."

We also saw a collection of art in the Round Tower that featured Donald Duck in a number of paintings that mimic masterpieces.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Adele: Today, we were up for our last day in Denmark. We had breakfast and checked out of the Hotel Hamlet. We lugged our bags to the free parking garage, then walked to Kronborg Slot (castle), the inspiration for Elsinore in Hamlet. It was cool! We toured the king's and queen's rooms. There was a doorway that was so ornate it looked like a fireplace! They had the largest ballroom in Europe at the time of construction (1600's). We then went through the Church which had really neat and colorful woodwork on the pews and huge pipe organ in a little, bitty church! Then, we went through the casements. Mom would have liked it. It was in the castle's walls (3m thick) and 45°F. It was where the Viking warriors were housed. Cold and Stinky!

Kronborg Slot
Kronborg Slot.

After the castle, we went back to the car and drove via the back roads to the Viking Museum in Roskilde. We went past 2 castles: Fredensborg and Frederiksborg.

Fredensborg Slot
Fredensborg Slot.  The Royal Family's vacation home.

Fredriksborg Slot
Fredriksborg Slot.  Probably the coolest looking Danish Castle.

Mary scared the shit out us driving again. Mike lost his temper a bit, but we were all a little tired after these 3am sun rises!

Mike scared in passenger seat
Mike scared shitless by Mary's driving.

We went to the Viking Museum which consisted of 5 Viking long boats they dug out of the fjord. It was cool, even though I fell asleep during the filmstrip. They even had the funeral passage from Eaters of the Dead there.

Viking Ship.
An actual Viking ship pulled from the mud.

Mike on play Viking Ship
Mike playing Viking ship captain.

Reproductions of Viking ships
Modern reconstructions of Viking ships.

We had a quick lunch then off again. We did a drive by past Lejerborg Castle (not worth it) then out of Denmark.

Lejerborg Castle
Lejerborg Castle.  Not worth it.

We drove to Schleswig, Germany. After some searching, we found a nice room, ate, drank, and played games. Our hotel has a shower (yeah) and non-down pillows (yeah, yeah) and a poop shelf toilet (ick). They use human feces to fertilize their gardens here! ICKY ICKY POO POO, literally!

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