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Mike and Adele's European Vacation

Part 6: The Road to Denmark

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Adele: We go up about 8 and got on the road only 30 minutes later than planned. But, it's ok, we don't have to be anywhere anytime soon. We bought gas and headed out of town. We stopped in Schinnen at the BX in the Netherlands. It didn't open till 11! We were there 10 minutes too early so we waited and peed. I got Tyler some little wooden shoes.

On the road again, German highways are nice. We stopped for a lunch of bratwurst and frites! We drove around Dusseldorf and continued north. Just south of Hamburg, Mike realized we were near the family homestead which, of course, was too small to be on the map. So, Mary scared the shit out of us by pulling over to as a Polizei man where Selsingen (family seat) was. After some gesturing and broken English, we realized we'd passed it. But since we didn't have to be anywhere, we turned around.

Selsingen is a nice little town with lots of dairy farms (pee yew). The fact that they age their cow shit in big heaps for fertilizer doesn't help.

Selsingen windmill
The Selsingen windmill.

Selsingen sign
Mike and Adele in Selsingen.

We walked around the graveyard of the little Lutheran Church, no Helmers. We took pictures anyway. We had a beer, took a few more pictures and back on the road.

The church in Selsingen, where my family is from.
The old family church in Selsingen where Mike's great great grandfather was baptized.

We decided not to stay in Hamburg which was described in my book as an expensive, Navy port city with all the usual Navy attractions (porn and bars). We spent the night in Kiel. It is a nice little port town. Our hotel was nice (down comforters and pillows ick) and clean. We had a wonderful German dinner. Mary and I had schnitzel with mushroom sauce, potato croquettes, and salad (cucumbers, carrots, and cabbage). Mike had steak with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, and a creamy butter and caraway seed sauce and beer, of course. After dinner, we bought wine at the Shell station and drank it in our room and played games. It finally got dark at 11pm for sunrise at 4 am. We are way north!

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