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Mike and Adele's European Vacation

Part 5: Canterbury

Sunday, May 23, 1999

Adele: We got up, I felt a little better. We showered, had breakfast, and began our adventurous drive out of London. Donn again bravely taking the wheel and Mike navigating. We safely made it to Canterbury.

Witch's Chair over canal
The Witch's Chair.  The good news is you are not a witch.  The bad news is you're dead because you drowned.

Mike and I paid 2 pounds (student rate, Mike passed) to see the Canterbury Cathedral. It was nice. We saw where Thomas a Becket was murdered and the graves of "The Black Prince," Edward Plantagenet and Henry IV.

Caterbury Cathedral Front
One of the cool buildings in Canterbury.

Canterbury Cathedral Steeple
Canterbury Cathedral.

We met up with Donn and Mary at the pub. Then, hit the Reject China Shop. They had Mom's pattern. I got her a cake platter. We then had real fish and chips at a chippy. Mike bought Brown Sauce at Mark's and Spencer's and a book on European History.

Adele with a beer
Adele enjoying a beer in front of the Reject China Shop.

We then headed south to catch an earlier ferry. A much rougher crossing, so it was good we went early. The later ferries may be canceled! Nikki was glad we came home early. She got sprung from the kennel.

We had a late dinner, are going to play cards, and sleep in tomorrow for a much needed day of rest!

Monday, May 24, 1999

Mike: Well, we slept in for a while to allow for a much needed rest before resuming our travels. Adele had a sore throat, and since all of Mom's medicine had expired, Mom and Dad went tot he BX to get new medicine. Last night, Mom made hot toddies, so we all slept good. The medicine from the BX expires in 4 months, so that shows you how old the stuff in the BX is here.

Since Adele didn't feel very good, I went down to the apothecary (drug store) to get her cough syrup. But, since it is a Whit Monday, a Belgian holiday, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING was closed, except for the British Store, as they are British, not Belgian), so we got Adele some really good and powerful British cough syrup.

Later, Adele felt better, so we played chicken foot (dominoes) and then went to bed early to get ready to go to Denmark.

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