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Mike's Excellent Adventure to Europe 1993

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Trip Over
Part 2: Celebrity Sighting
Part 3: The First Week
Part 4: Garmisch
Part 5: Neuschwanstein Castle
Part 6: Innsbruck
Part 7: Zurich
Part 8: Bolzano
Part 9: Vicenza
Part 10: Venice
Part 11: The Trip Home


In 1993, my office went to Germany to install our software at some of the bases over there.  Everyone in my office went a week ahead of us; my friend Gary and I came out a week later to help teach the users how to operate the software.  The rest of the office left after being there for three weeks, and my boss and I went down to Italy to install the software at a base there and to instruct the users on how to use it.

I can't get into too many details on the software, but rather I will show you what we did on the weekends with our spare time.

Prior to going to Germany, I called my grandfather, whose family was from Germany.

"What the hell you want to go there for?" my grandfather asked.

"Well, grandpa, the Air Force is making me go there.  I thought I might take some of my spare time and go visit where our family is from, if I get a chance," I replied.

"I've been there.  It's not worth it," he replied.  "Everything is all run down and burned out."

"Well, grandpa, when were you there?"

He replied, "1945."  Well, no wonder.  I am sure that everything was run down, burned out, and bombed!  I finally did get him to tell me where the family was from.  He said they were from Alsace-Lorraine near Strasbourg.

This would be my first time leaving North America.  I had been to Canada and Mexico, but going there isn't much different than going anywhere in the US.  I was looking forward to going overseas for the first time.

So, I packed my bag, and Gary and I jumped on the plane for our trip over to Germany.

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