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Mike's Excellent Adventure to Europe 1993

Part 4: Garmisch

We all wanted to go to Garmisch, but everyone was tired (I wasn't the only one having trouble adjusting to the time change, apparently).  I was chosen (as the must junior guy in the office) to drive the rental car to Garmisch.  I was excited, because it meant I got to drive on the Autobahn.  You know, the highway in Germany with no speed limits.

One problem - I had to follow my boss.  He had the map, and he knew where we were going.  I had never heard of Garmisch, and since we were coming from the Kaiserslatern/Mannheim area, it was a long drive.  So, I drove while the rest of the guys slept, and I followed my boss in his Astra.

We were doing well, and we were about three hours into the trip, when my boss decided to drive around Munich instead of through it.  I tried to follow him, but he was darting in and out of these small alleys in these small towns.  We would try to keep track of him, and we would catch a glimpse of him, and then we would lose him again.  He would go fast, and we would get stuck behind a farm tractor.

The other guys thought that he was trying to lose us, since he was with his wife and they didn't want us around.  I don't know how true that was, but it is a possibility.  Gary pulled out our crappy free rental car map, but unfortunately, none of the small towns we were passing through were on it.

So, I just kept driving south and east towards Munich.  Sure enough, we eventually found an autobahn, and then we were back on the way to Garmisch, and we had avoided Munich (which I really wanted to see). 

As we approached the outskirts of Garmisch, we realized that our boss had the map of the area, and we did not know where we were going.  So, I pulled into a gas station and tried to ask the lady who worked there where the Army Rec Area was at.

"Army?" I said.

"Oh," she replied, "you mean, 'the soldier fort'?"

So, she gave us directions.  I don't know what the directions were for, but they certainly weren't for the Army's Rec Area, which we came across by accident.  We got our camper, got some beer, and decided to play our nightly poker game.  Our game lasted until late into the night, and we eventually went to sleep (or passed out) around 4 am.

At around 7, the rest of the campers got up, and started making noise.  We were all hung over.  Then, our boss showed up ready to go.  We were all dying.  I puked all over the place (one of the guys made a joke about how we were in the Alps and "the hills were alive with the sound of puking").

I didn't get pictures of the puke.
The view from our camper of the Bavarian Alps in Garmisch.

Garmisch was the site of the 1936 Winter Olympics.  It is in southern Bavaria near the border with Austria.  It was very beautiful, and although we didn't see much of the town, it was very nice.  So, we quickly showered and got in the car on our way to Neuschwanstein Castle.  

The Alps are way cool.
Myself, John, and Gary give Garmisch a thumb's up on our way out of town. 
Like the roof of our Opel Vectra?

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