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Mike's Excellent Adventure to Europe 1993

Part 2: Celebrity Sighting

The first night in Germany, I didn't sleep very well.  I was really tired all day, but around evening, I got really hungry.  Gary and I forced ourselves to eat breakfast after we landed, and we drove over to Burger King for a quick dinner.  But as I was starting to go to sleep that night around 10 PM, my body kept thinking it was around dinner time, so I got really hungry.  Also, my body kept thinking it was early evening, and I just could not get to sleep, despite the fact that I had not slept for two days.  So, I watched whatever was showing on the Armed Forces Channel (usually some old rerun of The Cosby Show or some other show that has been rerun a zillion times in syndication).  I was lucky - I could get a couple of German stations, but since I don't know German, watching them did little for me (they were all late night talk shows).

Eventually, around 3 or 4 AM, I got to sleep.  Just in time to get up around 7 to go to work.

Gary and I had agreed to meet in the front of our temporary quarters around 7:45 to drive over to the building at which we were working (it was actually a bunker).  I was ready to go at around 7:30, though, so I decided I would go out front and wait for them outside.

As I was coming out of my room, I saw that the guy in the room next to me was also leaving.  He was a young African-American man, about my age and height, and he had two really big bags that he was trying to carry.  I decided to help him out, so I took one of his bags and carried it with me out front.

"You don't have to do that," he said.

"Oh, it's no problem," I replied.  As I looked at the guy, it triggered a memory - I could have sworn I knew this guy.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"I don't know," he replied.

"Did you go through field training with me?" I asked.  I had only been in the Air Force for about three months, so the only people I would have known who weren't from my base or my ROTC detachment would have been from my field training experience.

"No," the guy replied.

So, I continued to carry his bag out front.  When we got out by the curb, I sat it down.  As I sat it down, I saw the name on the luggage tag, and I knew who he was.

It read "Tommy Davidson."  That was where I had seen this guy!  He was Tommy Davidson from In Living Color!

"Hey!" I exclaimed.  "You are that guy from TV!  From In Living Color!"

"You got it," he said. 

I had never met anyone famous before, so I didn't know what to do.

"Hey, can we give you a ride somewhere or something?" I asked.

"No, that's okay," he replied.  "They should be sending a bus to pick us up.  Thanks for your help, though."

Just then, Gary came down from the room and started to get into the rental car.  I said goodbye to Tommy and got in the car with Gary.

"Hey, you see that guy over there?  You know who he is?" I asked him.

He looked and said he didn't.

"That's Tommy Davidson!" I replied.

"Who's that?" Gary asked.

"One of the guys on In Living Color!" I responded.

"Never heard of it," Gary said.

So, we drove over to the bunker.  I was excited - finally, my trip to Europe started to get cool.  I guess meeting Tommy Davidson made up for my not being able to go sight-seeing on the first day we were there.

It's Tommy Davidson.
Tommy Davidson.  In case you don't
know who he is, like Gary.

I later found out that Tommy Davidson was over there with some of the members of Earth, Wind, and Fire putting on a USO show that weekend at the base.  I was kicking myself for sitting in my room while I could have been over at the show.  Oh, well.  At least I got to meet him.

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