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Mike's Trek to the Great White North 1994

Part 7: Conclusion

I concluded a lot of things on my trip to Canada:

And how cold was it that winter?  Well, here is a picture of my barracks and the icicles that met me when I got home.

Yes, that is a two story icicle...

Oh - a post script to this story.  This turned out to be a very important trip for me.  The Air Force said that if you had accrued a total overseas travel time of more than 90 days overseas, you would be exempted from a short tour (a year in garden spot like Korea or Saudi Arabia).  When I added up all my days, it came out to 89 days.  However, add in my week that I spent in Canada - which, although I didn't need to travel over any seas, was considered "overseas," as it was another country - and I got that short tour exemption!  However, as you will soon see, that did not stop me from going to Korea...

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