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Mike and Adele Explore the Rockies - 2003

Part 1: Calgary

You can't fly directly into Banff, so we flew into Calgary and drove over to Banff.

Calgary is a city of around 900,000 people situated on the prairie east of the mountains.  It has often been compared to Denver.  Calgary is home to the world famous Stampede, which takes place in July.  In fact, we could only go to Banff now, after the ski season which ends in May and before the Stampede in July.  Then it's ski season again.  Summers are short.  Very short.

Calgary Skyline
The Calgary Skyline, including the Calgary tower, which looks a lot like San Antonio's "Cupcake on a Stick"

Calgary was home to the 1988 Winter Olympics.  Somehow, I have visited many of the sites of the Olympics, including Garmisch, Innsbruck, and Lake Placid.  Not really trying, just seems to happen.  And just about all of them have their tell-tale ski jumps...

Olympics Site at Calgary
The Olympic Site.  Note the jumps on the left, the slopes in the center, and the bobsled runs on the right.

Ski Jumps at Calgary
More ski jump platforms.  Definite sign of an Olympic games.

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