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Broken clock

The Year 2000 - ooo! Is it the apocalypse? Will the Year 2000 spawn a thousand years of plague and pestilence? Will the Year 2000 bring the Armageddon (I hope not - I hated that movie!)?

Here is the truth:

It will be the biggest non-event ever. Bigger than Halley's Comet. Bigger than the killer bees of the 70s. Bigger than the New Madrid earthquake of 1990. Bigger than Al Capone's vaults. Bigger than, well you get the point.

The Year 2000 will probably cause some things to get screwed up. But it won't cause your toaster to blow up.

Now, here is my solution to the Year 2000 Problem:

Return to Roman Numerals.

The Year fields on some programs are required to have only two characters instead of 4. So, why not use "MM" instead of "00"?

If we had kept using Roman numerals instead of Arabic, we wouldn't be in this problem. There is no confusing "MCM" with "MM".

Luckily, the movie industry will be safe, since they still use Roman numerals. But, everyone else will be confronted by Y2K problems.

Y2K Problem - YMM Solution.

Go Roman! Support the MM solution!