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Mike's Stupid Stuff!

I am Cornholio; I need TP for my bunghole  My collection of Stupid Stuff written for your enjoyment!

White Ball The Legend of the Copaman

You've heard of the Copaman, now find out the story behind the name

White Ball Skywalker and Son

Was "Sanford and Son" the inspiration for "Star Wars"?

White Ball Proof of the Existence of Aliens

Do aliens exist?  They certainly do, and Mike tells how he uncovered the truth!

White Ball Haiioween

Why do people confuse l's and I's?

White Ball The Not-Mike Lewis Page

Instead of trying to tell you which Mike Lewis he is, he tells you which ones he is not.
White Ball Y1K and Y2K These pages are very dated, but they are here because there were references to them in academic papers.  See this link for an example.
White Ball Demon Children Before we had Alex, people would ask: what would it look like if Adele and I had kids?  I'll tell you this - it's not pretty...