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This may seem like an odd title for a page, but there is a reason for it.  One of my pet peeves is when people write in all upper case except for the "L", which they write as lower case.  It may not seem like much of a problem, but when you look at it, it appears that it may be an "I".  It wouldn't bother me much, except I soon realized that this is not an isolated incident - I see this sort of thing often.

The first time I was confronted with it was when I saw a sign that said "HAPPY HAllOWEEN".  I looked at it for a few minutes and soon realized that it did not say "Haiioween" as my mind immediately saw it, but rather meant to say "Halloween".  So, since then, I have been making note of these occurrences as I discover them in an effort to try and figure out what goes on in the human mind to allow such a glaring error to occur.  (I am also adding when an I or an l is confused with the number 1 to the list.)  Thus, the following table shows the various times I's, l's, and 1's have been confused:

Word(s) With Serif What it looks like What it should be In what context Where seen
HAllOWEEN HAllOWEEN Haiioween HALLOWEEN On a billboard Prescott, AZ
INDIAN HOllOW INDIAN HOllOW Indian Hoiiow INDIAN HOLLOW An apartment complex name San Antonio, TX
EXPlORER EXPlORER Expiorer EXPLORER On the back of a van Chicago, IL
GlASS GlASS Giass GLASS On a bottle of glass cleaner St Louis, MO
BlUE BlUE Biue BLUE Ad for a 1985 Blue Corvette Seattle, WA
IllINOIS IllINOIS Iiiinois ILLINOIS Filled in on a form Dayton, OH
PlEASE PlEASE Piease PLEASE On a sign in a convenience store San Antonio, TX
HAllMARK HAllMARK Haiimark HALLMARK On a school building San Antonio, TX
RAUl RAUl Raui RAUL On a form San Antonio, TX
OCEANS II OCEANS II Oceans 2 OCEAN'S 11 On a movie marquee Edina, MN
COIA COlA Coia COLA On "Captain Linger," a short cartoon Cartoon Network
SPANIEl SPANIEl Spaniei SPANIEL On a sign for a "Cocker Spaniel" puppy Minneapolis, MN
BELl BELl Beli BELL At dustindiamond.com cyberspace
ELECTRICAl ELECTRICAl Electricai ELECTRICAL On a sign in Home Depot Bloomington, MN
PlUMBING PlUMBING Piumbing PLUMBING On a sign in Home Depot Bloomington, MN
BlESSED BlESSED Biessed BLESSED On a $1 bill Eagan, MN
3I,500,000 3I,500,000 3i,500,000 31,500,000 On a Nigerian spam cyberspace
l am sorry l am sorry L am sorry I am sorry On a Nigerian spam cyberspace
ClEVELAND ClEVELAND Cieveland Cleveland In the movie "Major League" On my TV
EMPlOYEE EMPlOYEE Empioyee EMPLOYEE On a sign Eagan, MN
STROllER STROllER Stroiier STROLLER On a sign Eagan, MN
FlIGHT FlIGHT Fiight FLIGHT On a whiteboard Eagan, MN
BlAZING BlAZING Biazing BLAZING On a movie marquee Minneapolis, MN
BOTTlES BOTTlES Botties BOTTLES On a trash can Eagan, MN
lOCATION lOCATION Iocation LOCATION On a whiteboard Eagan, MN

Have you come across an incident where an "l" was confused with an "I"?  If so, send it to us to include it in the list!