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Demon Children

So, before we had Alex, Adele and I would go out to dinner with other married couples, and most of the time the question we got was the same:

When are you going to have kids?

It's actually a very rude question, as it really is no one's business, but to help answer it, I set up this web page.

There is a place called Dave and Buster's.  If you have never been there, there is only one way to describe it:  it's an adult Chuck E. Cheese.  There's a bar, restaurant, indoor mini-golf, laser tag, and whole bunch of videogames and other amusements, including skee ball, where you can get enough tickets to get a spider ring - see, it's exactly like Chuck E. Cheese - but without all the brats and the inclusion of beer.

Anyway, one of the great amusements at D&B is this photo booth which takes your picture and your significant other's picture and merges them together to show you what your possible offspring might look like.

We did it once, and we laughed so hard, we did again the next time we went to see what a child of the other sex would look like.

I will warn you - our possible kids are downright hideous.  If you are prone to falling ill due the sheer ugliness of the "breathtaking baby" syndrome as shown on Seinfeld, by all means do not click it.

These pictures are here to serve two purposes.  1) To provide graphic illustration of why you don't want us to have children and 2) As a means of offering a graphic illustration of the need for birth control.

Without further ado, here are the pictures of the demon children - click if you dare!

The Girl:
Demon Child Girl

The Boy:
Demon Child Boy

By the way, I am VERY thankful that Alex doesn't look like either one of these pictures...