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Proof of the Existence of Aliens!

I have definitive proof as to the existence of aliens. It happened to me at 11:20 AM on Friday, May 7, 1999, in the southwest corner of San Antonio, Texas. I was eating lunch in a restaurant, and much to my surprise, my lunch guest was a real-life alien.

He sat across from me and told me all about the government's involvement with aliens. There are some who are here with the government's permission, but there are others who the government pursue and try to keep out. The alien explained to me that, unlike in the movies where the government pursues aliens in black helicopters, the government actually uses lime-green Ford Explorers and Ford Crown Victorias.

Now, I know what you are thinking - how did I actually know that this was an alien? What proof could he offer me that he was an alien? Well, it was quite simple - he showed me a green card with him name on it, along with the words "Resident Alien".

I was quite surprised to find that the government did not try to keep this existence of aliens quiet. In fact, the government actually advised this alien to show his proof to anyone who asked for it! Could it be that the X-Files was wrong? Could it be that aliens are our friends?

I will also tell you that this visitor had nothing to say about the subject of abductions and anal probes. He denied any knowledge of these events. I asked him what he was trying to cover up, but he denied that he was trying to cover up anything.

This alien was very courteous and very forthcoming about his background. I am amazed that no one else has been able to confirm the existence of aliens with as much info as he was willing to provide. According to my source, these aliens have nothing to hide; they just want to live and work alongside you and I.

So, on behalf of American's everywhere, let me be the first to welcome you aliens to our country. Live long and prosper!