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2012 Stupid Site Hall of Fame!

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Green Ball Smokin' Jay Cutler - A picture says a 1,000 words...

Green Ball Batman Running Away from Sh*t - Man, that guy can run - from anything! Thanks, Larry!

Green Ball Santa is an Atheist - Makes sense...

Green Ball Petition to Construct a Death Star - Come on, Mr. President, build a REAL "Star Wars" system by 2016!

Green Ball Disappearing Romney - As soon as he lost the election, all of his Facebook friends have been dropping him. Watch his followers dislike him in real time!

Green Ball Santa's First Chanukah - Move over Hanukah Harry, it looks like you got some new competition! Thanks, Ross!

Green Ball Star Wars Call Me Maybe - Just in time for Episode VII!

Green Ball Hitler Gangnam Style - See Hitler's version of the hit YouTube video!

Green Ball Things Katy Perry Has Worn on Her Breasts - Maybe the question should be, "What HASN'T she worn on her breasts?" Thanks, DOC!

Green Ball The Joy of T-Rex Sex - I know Gizz will love this one - pictures of dinosaurs mating! Dinoporn!

Green Ball The Dark Knight Smells - The final chapter in the Nolan "Dark Knight" series.

Green Ball The Star Wars That I Used to Know - This parody video pretty much sums up my thoughts about Star Wars.

Green Ball Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch - Who knew? I sure didn't!

Green Ball Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey - (NSFW) The hot new erotic novel read by one of the best voice actors around. Thanks, Mathew!

Green Ball The Taming of the Peep - My David friend made this creative video of a Rube Goldberg Device.

Green Ball Animated Album Covers - Some of these are quite clever, but as Spinal Tap says, it's a fine line between clever and stupid!

Green Ball The best car ad ever! - Such an awesome car!

Green Ball Proteys 404 Page - The best 404 page ever! Thanks, Alex!

Green Ball Jedi Kittens - In honor of Star Wars Day, here's some Jedi kittens for you!

Green Ball Alien Reptilians - Joel sent this in and says "Seems like it would be a great fit for the stupid sites section."

Green Ball KargoKids - Leave it to the Kanadians to come up with child-free airline cabins!

Green Ball Barack Obama Sings "Sexy and I Know It" - Very cool editing on this one.

Green Ball Creepy Politician's Kid - This guy uses his kid as a campaign prop - and I have to wonder if the kid is Charlie McCarthy. Watch the dad's bad ventriloquism!

Green Ball I Love Chew - The best gum chewing simulation out there! And don't miss the iPhone app either!

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