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2011 Stupid Site Hall of Fame!

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Green Ball Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things - And it didn't take long for another one to pop up as well!

Green Ball Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things - Didn't take long for this follow-up site to start up!

Green Ball Hey! - Anne Marie sent this to me and says "Go to website, click on 'under 21', enjoy!" Thanks!

Green Ball Chewbacca Sings Silent Night - It's a wonderful wookie!

Green Ball Awkward Family Photos - So awkward and so hilarious!

Green Ball Zombie High School - It's like Glee but with zombies!

Green Ball Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog - GeauxRilla posted this one out in the forums. Great costume, especially fitting for Halloween!

Green BallPerfectly Timed Photos - Capturing that magical moment at exactly the right second.

Green Ball K'Pinky and the Brain - Pinky and the Brain as Klingons.

Green Ball Blahhhh Fat Baby - MOzator sent me this video and says "WTF is that kid on the couch? That is the fattest biggest and ugliest baby I ever seen!"

Green Ball Harrison Ford Settles a Feud - Now we know why there were no more Star Wars movies set after ROTJ! Thanks, Michelle!

Green Ball Re: Your Brains - Funny song, funnier video.

Green Ball Selfcontrolfreak - Go ahead, try to touch his nose. Thanks, Steve!

Green Ball Go the F*ck to Sleep - Samuel L. Jackson reads a kid's book for adults.

Green Ball Kim Jong Il Looking at Things - Leading a nation by looking at stuff.

Green Ball Literally Unbelievable - But Bat Boy is still real, right?

Green Ball Put a Bird on It (All the Seagull Ladies) - Put birds on everything (especially for you Portlandia fans)!

Green Ball Cats Wearing Thongs - Insert "pussy" joke here. Thanks, MOzator!

Green Ball Poke Alex in the Eye - In this game, see how many times you can make Alex poke himself in the eye.

Green Ball Hitler Sings the Jeffersons Theme - I can't think of anything witty to say about this one.

Green Ball What's Osama bin Watchin'? - It'll probably surprise you!

Green Ball Bacon Explosion - In case you can never get enough bacon!

Green Ball Eifel 65 - Cannibals? - I wouldn't think of playing this backwards, because it's not Zeppelin.

Green Ball Princess Beatrice's ridiculous Royal Wedding hat - Wow, get a load of that hat!

Green Ball A Very Potter Musical - A funny musical about everyone's favorite wizard. And as MOzator pointed out, it stars one of the guys from Glee.

Green Ball Museum of Confederate Flags in Inappropriate Places - I love sites that are self descriptive!

Green Ball Power Point Ranger - Poking fun at the Army via their favorite briefing software!

Green Ball Scumbag Steve - Keep the meme alive by captioning Scumbag Steve!

Green Ball How to Be a Bleach Blond Bimbo - Who knew it took so much work? Thanks, Tuzilla (and welcome back)!

Green Ball Zero Views - Finding the best of the worst on YouTube.

Green Ball Aluminum Foil Reviews - Who knew? Thanks, Ben!

Green Ball Spoiled Photos - Nothing like capturing that special moment and some jackass in the background ruins it.

Green Ball The Alot is Better Than You at Everything - Who knew how awesome the alot is! Thanks, Amber!

Green Ball @BronxZoosCobra - The Twitter postings of the missing Egyptian cobra. Thanks, Michelle!

Green Ball - Somehow, I don't think this is what they had in mind when they registered the website - or is it? Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2011!

Green Ball Sounds of Pasta - The sounds of pasta going into containers.

Green Ball World Map of the Penis Size Country by Country - An easy way to find facts that you probably don't really want to know - or do you? Thanks, Amber!

Green Ball Alex Trebek Calls College Football Highlights - I think Alex could be the next host of Monday Night Football! Thanks, Dave!

Green Ball Ching Chong (Asians in the Library) - The best response yet to the "Asians in the Library" rant (see below).

Green Ball Asians in the Library - The latest Internet meme, this girl talks about why she doesn't like Asians, especially the ones in the library. Ouch! But it has spawned a few other great videos, such as the Dubstep Remix, the Dance Remix, a counter-rant, a dancing parody, and probably the best response I've seen of the thousands posted.

Green Ball Ransom Note Writing Workshop - Learn how to write the best ransom note possible!

Green Ball 10 Most Unfortunate Store Names - Sometimes the store name doesn't quite work in translation, like the one I saw in Korea...

Green Ball DeviantArt of Trolling - My friend Alex goes around telling people their art sucks. You can't fault him; he does have a point. ;)

Green Ball Ferris Bueller's Day Off Recut Trailer - The movie is recut to look like an independent film. Now, can it win the "Sundance Official Selection" seal? Thanks, Matt!

Green Ball Telemarketing Counterscript - Next time you get called by a telemarketer, combat them with this script in which you can reverse the tables on them. They use a script, and now so can you!

Green Ball Don't You Go Rounin' Roun to Re Ro - This SNL spoof is actually like pretty much every British movie I've ever seen.

Green Ball Fresh Salmon Pillow - It's soft and cuddly and best of all, fresh!

Green Ball Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars - A public service announcement about how to talk to your kids about this important subject - to prequel or not to prequel...

Green Ball Sheenpocalypse Now - Who knew that all those "Charlie" quotes from Apocalypse Now were about a certain Carlos Estevez?!

Green Ball The Stinkymeat Project - See what happens when meat is left to rot. This one used to be here about a decade ago, and I'm glad to see it back from the dead!

Green Ball Zombie Shopping Network - Your source for all things undead. Thanks, Aaron!

Green Ball Charlie Sheen Quotes As New Yorker Cartoons - Finally the cartoons are funny! Thanks, Amber!

Green Ball Damn You, Auto Correct! - Fun with the iPhone's autocorrect feature. Thanks, Dan!

Green Ball The Sheen Pyramid of Greatness - Only this one could be part of "Parks and Wreck." Voted Best Stupid Site of 2011!

Green Ball The Likability of Angry Birds - Rating the usefulness of each angry bird. Thanks, Doug!

Green Ball Hutts and Recreation - Jabba has his own theme song! Jabba the Hutt, Jabba the Hutt! Thanks, Ben!

Green Ball Fail Blog - Photos of epic failure in action. Thanks, MOzator!

Green Ball Yes For Sure - Simply beautiful. Pointless, but beautiful!

Green Ball Galactic Empire State of Mind - Darth Vader explains why he's the rap master! Thanks, Michelle!

Green Ball Tonight I'm Frakking You - The ultimate geek anthem!

Green Ball Bubbling - (NSFW) How to make porn for Mormons.

Green Ball Open Letters to People or Entities Unlikely to Respond - A bunch of open letters containing some great rants!

Green Ball The Crap We Put Up With Getting On and Off Planes - The unfortunate truth about travel these days.

Green Ball Slush Pile Hell - Stupid things people put in their submission letters to literary agents.

Green Ball Most Awkward Valentine's Day Photos - I can't believe these are all real. Thanks, Jane!

Green Ball Jesus Hates Obama - But apparently he likes t-shirts.

Green Ball I Look Like Barack Obama - The resemblance is uncanny! Thanks, MOzator!

Green Ball Darth Vader versus Hitler: Epic Rap Battles of History - Who's the most evil MC? Thanks, Gizz!

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