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2010 Stupid Site Hall of Fame!

Note: Links open in new windows.

Green Ball NSFW: A Hunter Shoots a Bear - A cool YouTube video in which you choose your own adventure. What will you do with the bear?

Green Ball Stormtroopers 365 - Two stormtroopers explore our strange world.

Green Ball Autocomplete Me - Funny things happen with Google's "autocomplete" feature. Voted Best Stupid Site of 2010!

Green Ball Sexual Congress - It's "Hot or Not" with Congressional politicians.

Green Ball Iron Chef Presents the Secret Ingredient! - Thanks, James!

Green Ball How to Make Visa Obey Your Every Desire - Fun with Visa's Concierge service.

Green Ball Great Test Answers - When you absolutely don't know the answer, go for something creative!

Green Ball I'm a Korean - MOzator posted this spoof of the Black-Eyd Peas out in the Forums!

Green Ball Vuvuzela - View this site as if you were at a World Cup game! Thanks, James! Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2010!

Green Ball Microwaving a Microwave Microwaving - Just be careful that your universe doesn't implode.

Green Ball Mr. Asshat Forum Troll - A spoof of the "Real Men of Genius" for everyone's favorite internet denizens.

Green BallThe Pussy List - A complete list of synonyms of the female anatomy.

Green Ball ZimZamInc - K-Strass's home page. Check out the videos.

Green Ball Yo-Yo Master Hoax - Kenny "K-Strass" Strasser pulls a hoax on morning talk shows. I think I know who this year's "Stupid Celebrity" is going to be...

Green Ball Hybrid Moment - Who needs an acid trip when you've got this site!

Green Ball Freddiew's YouTube Page - A great collection of funny videos. You have to see "Jedi A-holes" and "I am AWESOME at Price Is Right."

Green Ball Damn I Love You Jesus - The Tumbleweeds' new hit.

Green Ball Hitler Meets Christ - Is this a real thing? I can't tell.

Green Ball Barats and Bereta - Some pretty funny skits at this site!

Green Ball Jesus Drowning - Remarkably what it says.

Green Ball The Better Marriage Blanket - A fart-proof blanket? This means you can't do any more "dutch ovens." Check out the testimonials!

Green Ball Canned Unicorn Meat - It's an excellent source of sparkles!

Green Ball Humans United Against Robots - Protecting you from the coming robot apocalypse.

Green Ball Autocomplete Me - You never know what Google might present you with.

Green Ball Proposed Lexicon for Movie Cliches - Ever rolled your eyes at a movie scene but didn't know what to call it? Now you know.

Green Ball The Jared Allen iPhone App - In addition to all things Jared Allen, you can now mullet-ize your iPhone pictures with a mullet generator!

Green Ball LICK! - The sexiest dance team in the universe. View at your own risk.

Green Ball aesthetic echo - Very mesmerizing...

Green Ball Powerpoint Ranger - Everyone knows how much generals and admirals love their powerpoint presentations - here's a site devoted to all the "Powerpoint Rangers" out there in the military!

Green Ball Soviet Music - Do you still yearn for the days of the Cold War? Nostalgic for some Communist propaganda music? If the answer is yes, here is great place for you!

Green Ball The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation - It's a good thing Abe didn't have the power of Microsoft to assist him.

Green Ball Red Letter Media - You have to see these reviews for "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" films. So funny and yet tragically, so true.

Green Ball Will It Blend? - Crazy stuff + Blender = Fun!

Green Ball Fly Swatter Game - How many flies can you swat?

Green Ball Daddy would you like a sausage? - It's an earworm!

Green Ball Hot Asian Tube Japanese TV Entertainment Shows And Online Videos - A great collection of funny Asian TV shows. Check out the North Korean propaganda - they're especially funny!

Green Ball The Cat in the Kettle - A parody of the song "Cat in the Cradle" about what's in your Chinese food. Hint: it's NOT chicken.

Green Ball Vegetable Liberation Army - Save the veggies and eat only meat!

Green Ball People of Wal-Mart - This site has pictures of real people at real Wal-marts with funny captions. Scary and funny at the same time.

Green Ball The Theorists - Check out this knockoff of "The Big Bang Theory" from Belarus. See the adventures of Leo, Raj, Sheldon, Hovard, and Natasha.

Green Ball Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator - Get your own Sarah Palin baby name! Thanks, Becky!

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