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2009 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

Note: Links open in new windows.

Green Ball Tweeting on a Jet Plane - All about the NWA188 flight that forgot where they were going and what they were doing...

Green Ball My Hands Are Bananas - German techno!

Green Ball Peeps Show - Just in time for easter! Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2009!

Green Ball Working for the Weekend - I had this video on here a while back, the link was dead, but here's another link to one that works (for now, anyway).  This is a well-made and hysterical video!

Green Ball Flame Warriors - I think I've met these guys on Internet forums everywhere; in fact, a few used to be quite popular around here!

Green Ball Top 10 Things I've Learned About Computers from the Movies and Any Episode of 24 - I wish my computer worked like this sometimes!

Green Ball A Tribute to Fallen Sodas - Oh, Tab Clear, where did you go - we hardly knew ye!

Green Ball Popcorn Painting - Pop, pop, pop = fun!

Green Ball Chia Obama - I thought this was one of those SNL Parody commercials, but no - it's the real thing!

Green Ball Flaming Cursor - Fun with flames on your screen! Voted Best Stupid Site of 2009!

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