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2008 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball Palinex - A new running mate morning after pill...

Green Ball Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - From the creator of Serenity comes this funny musical starring NPH! I want to join the Evil League of Evil! Voted Best Stupid Site of 2008!

Green Ball Sarah Palin Disney Movie Trailer - This one is great! Too real!

Green Ball Meet the Real Batman - Adam West has really let himself go. Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2008!

Green Ball 2008 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Contest - Who is the hottest walnuthead?

Green Ball Dimitri the Stud - This is a real phone call - and it's scary as all hell!

Green Ball Dimitri The Stud - reenacted by Eric Anderson, part 1 - This is exactly how I picture this phone call went...

Green Ball Dimitri The Stud - reenacted by Eric Anderson, part 2 - A follow-up to the previous video. I can't believe this guy actually thought this would work...

Green Ball Barry Bonds' Thought Process Flow Chart - Illustrating what goes through Barry's enormous head.

Green Ball Unflattering Hillary Clinton Photos - Now that it is over - at least, I hope it's over - here's a collection of unflattering Hillary photos for you to start your photoshopping madness with prior to the 2012 election.

Green Ball Cock Puncher - Best Steven Seagal role ever.

Green Ball Retroencabulator - The greatest invention ever!

Green Ball Jaws or Jimmy Page? - Great quotes from the movie Jaws that have replaced "shark" with "Jimmy Page".

Green Ball Sexual Organ - NSFW - Mix your own orgasmic sound with this sound board!

Green Ball Medieval Tech Support - This is pretty funny, especially the RTFM!

Green Ball Spring Snake Symphony - It's spring snakes performed to music. Watch and you'll see...

Green Ball Spammers Worse than Pimps and Prostitutes - This is really screwed up thinking!

Green Ball Kidtastrophe - Why it sucks flying on an airliner surrounded by small kids...

Green Ball Big Ball of Mud - The software architecture of most software these days - probably including your critical payroll systems!

Green Ball SFW Porn - Taking porn and making it safe for work. (But you might still want to think twice about actually visiting here from work.)

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