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2007 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

Note: Links open in new windows.

Green Ball Pat Ping Pong - Just like they play in Bangkok.

Green Ball Ice Cream Maker Guy - The most popular Star Wars character ever?

Green Ball Pee and Poo - This is just so - ewwwwww!

Green Ball Lick Me in the Ass - Don't let the title fool you; this is seriously a work by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Don't believe me? Click the link!

Green Ball Parking Lessons - Stelios sent me this game that is supposed to teach you how to park.

Green Ball Your Name in Japanese - How to say your name in Japanese.

Green Ball Baby Got Back Wedding Dance - Funny first dance.

Green Ball Raging Rudolph - Yeah, there's no more laughing and calling him names any more!

Green Ball Lori Drew's Megan Had it Coming Blog - She's the one who caused a girl to kill herself and she's crying victim - give me a break! And she's doing it through a BLOG! Why didn't she use a MySpace page - she obviously knows how to use that!  (Edit:  Turns out the site is fake.)

Green Ball Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint Call - Don't mess with this guy's sausage!

Green Ball Get the F Out of My Office! - NY City Councilman doesn't like the Norwegian Daily Show... And get the F out of his office!

Green Ball Miss South Carolina Answers a Question - "...I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and The Iraq everywhere like such as and..."

Green Ball Dramatic Chipmunk - The best 5 second clip on the net!

Green Ball Simpsonize Me - Make yourself into a Simpsons character!

Green Ball Something - glow sent this in and says, "ummm yea its something"

Green Ball - glow sent this in and says "i'm really confused about this site but if you've ever wanted to unroll toilet paper online then here ya go"

Green Ball Coyote v. Acme Products Corp. - A class-action lawsuit against defective products!

Green Ball Sign Generators - A bunch of great sign generators, such as highway signs, office building signs, and graffiti generators.

Green Ball My Box in a Box - The female version of the Justin Timberlake song.

Green Ball Obama Girl - The hottest video out there now. Hey, if this hotty doesn't get votes for Obama, I don't know what will!

Green Ball Paris Hilton's Guide to Prison - (NSFW) A guide for Paris based on watching "chick in prison" porn.

Green Ball Matt's Star Wars Personality Test - The test says I am C3P0, but I am more like Yoda - I got the jacked teeth and hairy ears to prove it!

Green Ball Bad-Ass Quotient System - Where do you rank on the BAQ system? Thanks, Paul!

Green Ball Ottoman Humping Gigolos - As seen on the Daily Show, are these guys demoralizing the troops? :)

Green Ball Rosie O'Donnell's Ching Chong Song - Oh Rosie, first the Donald and now the Chinese?

Green Ball Carrot Top Used to Torture Prisoners - Oh, the humanity!

Green Ball The China Kantner Web Page - Really? China Kantner? The VJ from MTV from the early 90s? Really?

Green Ball Hamster-Powered Paper Shredder - The hamster powers the shredder that makes nice soft bedding for the hamster! Solves two problems in one! Genius!

Green Ball Firecrotch Uncensored - (NSFW) Oh, Lindsay, you firecrotch you!

Green Ball I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? - Oh, you know about cats and the Stupid Site Hall of Fame! Voted Best Stupid Site of 2007!

Green Ball Galacticast - Funny sci-fi paraodies. You definitely need to check out the "Battlestar Galacticast"!

Green Ball F*ck the South - This guy really hates the South.

Green Ball Funny or Die - Will Ferrell's new funny viral video site.

Green Ball Ask a Ninja - Who knew a ninja had so many answers?

Green Ball My Humps - Alanis Morissette sings Fergie's "My Humps"...

Green Ball Field Replaceable Mouse Balls - Always have a pair of balls for maintaining customer satisfaction...

Green Ball Funny Cat Pictures - If there is one thing guaranteed to get you in the Hall of Fame, it's funny pictures of cats!

Green Ball Whack Your Boss - It's anger management as you use 16 ways to whack your boss!

Green Ball Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld - With sounds also!

Green Ball JetPowered VW Beetle - And it's street legal!

Green Ball Supersized Meals - All you can eat?

Green Ball Wookiee Translator - aoacahc rcworaananro ahc ra caohuakahwa cahaowo!

Green Ball Divorced Jewelry - Excuse me is that a wedding ring? No, it's a divorce ring - worn on the middle finger!

Green Ball Brobdingnagian Bards - This band is great, especially their songs "Jedi Drinking Song" and "Do Virgins Taste Better". Look for the links, download the songs, and laugh your ass off!

Green Ball Mr Klingon - An English to Klingon/Romulan/Vulcan translator.

Green Ball License Plate Maker - Play virtual prisoner and make your own license plate!

Green Ball Cheddarvision - Right there, live on your screen, you can watch cheddar cheese age! Yes, feel the EXCITEMENT!

Green Ball Regret the Error - All about media mistakes.

Green Ball Bay's Touch - This guy REALLY loves Michael Bay. Me? Well, I much prefer that song about him from "Team America"...

Green Ball Become an M&M - What would you look like as the candy covered chocolate?

Green Ball The $39 Experiment - Guy asks random companies for free stuff.

Green Ball Dunking Parakeet - Air Polly!

Green Ball Stuff People Write on Money - A site all about the strange stuff found written on money.

Green Ball Ugly Money - More ugly money!

Green Ball Wookieepedia - Well, it's like the Wikipedia, only written for wookiees! Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2007!

Green Ball Japanese Ice Creams - Nothing is yummier than eel ice cream!

Green Ball Will It Blend? - Blender experiments!

Green Ball Annoying Coworker - Tell that annoying coworker exactly what you think through this anonymous service.

Green Ball Sexual Consent Forms - Don't date without one!

Green Ball Saul of the Molemen - JR says "BWAAAHAHA!! Safe for work, but has sound."

Green Ball Wii Have a Problem - Site devoted to the new Nintendo controllers wreaking havoc around the house.

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