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2006 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball DJ Dork's Dungeon - Yep, this one's pretty stupid alright.

Green Ball YouTube's Twelve Days of Christmas - Let's see, 15 minutes of fame times 12 days of Xmas = Stupid Site!

Green Ball Elf Yourself - What would you look like as an elf?

Green Ball Wallet Test - Paul sent this in and says "Scientist deliberately drops 100 wallets in front of hidden cameras to test honesty."

Green Ball Mr Hooper Art - JR says "Mr Hooper is a very strange man."

Green Ball Zombie Portraits - Find out what you would look like if you were a brain sucking zombie!

Green Ball Airport Security Game - Play the intrepid TSA agent and stop the terrorists!

Green Ball Dwight Schrute's Blog - It's Dwight's blog from "The Office"!

Green Ball Do Pretty Girls Fart? - See if the Mythbusters can prove this one!

Green Ball Dukes of Hezmana - Another good Farscape video, this time mixed with the Good Ole Duke Boys...

Green Ball Nigerian Spam Scam Spoof - Too funny!

Green Ball All the SH*T you need to know - Literally.

Green Ball Terrorist T-Shirt - Just don't wear it on a plane...

Green Ball Kathy McGinty - Hmmm - you never know who's on the other end of that phone sex line! Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2006!

Green Ball Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop - Not as good as the original, but it will have to do...

Green Ball Flirting in Traffic - Brings a whole new meaning to "speed dating"...

Green Ball Van or Dog? - Twins separated at birth?

Green Ball - A collection of way stupid stuff!

Green Ball Crackpot Index - Find out if you are a crackpot.

Green Ball 89 Turbo Mini Van - Won't you feel like crap if you lost a race to a minivan?

Green Ball Hard to Find Automotive Items - Like the 710 cap.

Green Ball Hollaback NYC - This site isn't stupid - but the pervs who got caught on phonecams and are posted on it are!

Green Ball MARP - (NSFW) Gotta protect yourself!

Green Ball In2Time - The coolest tow truck ever!

Green Ball Bad Teacher? - Teacher distributes handouts showing group sex. And it wasn't Deb Lafave...

Green Ball Steve Irwin and the Sting Ray - As JR said in the Forums, "Sick, but f-in' funny though..."

Green Ball Tongue Twister - This video will have you in tears.

Green Ball What Jeff Killed - Click here for some killer pussy!

Green Ball Kitty Cat Lover - Someone has stopped taking her medication again.

Green Ball Girls Crushing Cars - It's girls crushing cars.

Green Ball Steve Irwin Soundboard - Crikey. RIP, Steve.

Green Ball Hunt the Wumpus - The original computer game.

Green Ball Stickman Murder Mysteries - Become a detective in one of five interactive cartoon murder mystery games.

Green Ball The Python of the Christ - Sacrilege at its best. Thanks, Mark!

Green Ball Fantasy Husband - An alternative to fantasy football for the ladies.

Green Ball Funny Cartoons - Esoteric cartoons similar to funny "The Far Side" cartoons of the 1980s.

Green Ball Peter`s Evil Overlord List - So, you want to be a super-villain. Here are some tips that might help you!

Green Ball Wheels on the Bus - Twisted adaptation of the children's song "Wheels on the Bus".

Green Ball Play Orc - Playboy Magazine parody with sexy female "Orcs" (those green-skinned monsters from "Lord of the Rings").

Green Ball Orc Magazine - Collection of Orc-themed magazine spoofs featuring "Orcs" (those green-skinned monsters from Lord of the Rings).

Green Ball Ask Da Orcs - Advice column written by Orcs! It's like "Dear Abby", but... er... with Orcs.

Green Ball Google Your Race - Google Your Race (racial profiling with google) How Google racially profiles people.

Green Ball Google Your Religion - A concise collection of religious stereotypes generated with the help of Google. From the same people who brought you 'Google Your Race'

Green Ball Wax on Wax HOFF - Wax David Hasselhoff's chest hair!

Green Ball Review of SW Holiday Special - The pictures are amazing and the commentary is hilarious!

Green Ball Chuck Norris Jokes - The roundhouse master.

Green Ball Bush Gropes German Chancellor and Gives Her Heebee Jeebees - Holy crap! He's lucky she didn't get freaked out and invade Poland!

Green Ball DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix - Old coots just don't get the Internet. It's not a truck; it's a series of tubes!

Green Ball Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos - Better than the Bellagio!

Green Ball Diet Coke + Mentos - Coke geyser!

Green Ball Cats That Look Like Hitler - Check out these "kitlers".

Green Ball Spreading Santorum - Learning new vocabulary every day...

Green Ball The Beer Belly - Now, why didn't I think of that...?

Green Ball Nothing - Absolutely nothing.

Green Ball Alushe - The Patron Saint of Rants.

Green Ball Chinese Backstreet Boys - My favorite part is the guy in the background oblivious to everything else that is going on...

Green Ball Bill Shatner Sings Rocket Man - That is, if you can call it "singing"...

Green Ball Church of the Gerbil - Spread the holy words of the Sacred Gerbil!

Green Ball Where the Hell is Matt? - The question should really be "Where the Hell ISN'T Matt dancing?"

Green Ball Satanic Hampster Dance - It's really evil.

Green Ball Bravefart - The best clan in Scotland?

Green Ball Mailbox Pictures - I hate to admit it, but some of these are actually pretty damned cool.

Green Ball On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets - Now you can justify yourself to those who’ve made fun of you for wearing one!

Green Ball Sherry Shriner Articles - For all the tinfoil hat wearers out there.

Green Ball Psychedelic Republicans - For those who have a Deadhead sticker on their Cadillac.

Green Ball Ice Cube Guide to Network Protocol Engineering - Thas’ right, peeps! The Ice Cube Guide to Network Protocol Engineering

Green Ball Boobah Zone - I have NO idea... but I think Tinky Winky would be proud.

Green Ball The Evolution of Dance - Dude likes to dance.

Green Ball Hairball Bowling - Knock down birds with a hairball!

Green Ball Dancing Hippo - This will surely put a smile on your face.

Green Ball Kingdom of Loathing - The best RPG game ever?

Green Ball Mr Fastfinger - Shred that guitar!

Green Ball Play 80s Arcade Games - Play your favorite 80s videogames on-line.

Green Ball Snakes on a Blog - A blog about the "Best Worst Movie of 2006".

Green Ball Sheep Across the World - Baaaaah means NO!

Green Ball Dungeonman 3 - It's like Zork - but with graphics!

Green Ball Fear of Girls - These guys are worth a 1000 condom ads.

Green Ball One Red Paperclip - Trading one red paper clip up to a house...

Green Ball Driving in India - Amazing no one is killed!!!

Green Ball Rent-a-Nerd - Geeks are extra charge...

Green Ball Help Win My Bet - A guy who is going geeky to get a three way!

Green Ball What's That Called? - I got this song from a commercial that I can't get out of my head...

Green Ball Snoozleberg - Adventures in sleepwalking!

Green Ball Guess the TV Theme Song Game - Do you watch a lot of TV?

Green Ball Cow Abduction - Bovine abduction. See the video, warn a loved one.

Green Ball How Men Screw Up Romance - It's true.

Green Ball Brand New Ferrari - Vroom! CRUNCH!

Green Ball VP of the Dukes of Hazzard Institute - Ah git-git-git...

Green Ball Chickenhead Bumper Stickers - Nothing clever to say about this one.

Green Ball English to 12-Year-Old AOLer Translator - TEH ENGLISH 2 12-YAAR-OLD AOLER TRANSLA2R IS 2DAYS STUPID SIET !!1!!1!1 OMG

Green Ball Which Sports Car Are You? - So...which car are you?

Green Ball Mr. Marvelous - The chicks dig Mr. Marvelous. Just check out his guestbook.

Green Ball Pick Boogers - It's virtual nose picking.

Green Ball Incredible Hulk Car - Well, somebody has to be the weird relative in the family...

Green Ball Cowbell Soundboard - Nothing can compare to this! This soundboard not only has all of the great Cowbell lines, but a functional cowbell in it! You can even play along to the song! Voted Best Stupid Site of 2006!

Green Ball Million Dollar Webpage - At a $1 a pixel, it's like the pet rock of the 00s! I just wish I thought of it...

Green Ball Thirty Second Bunnies Theater - See movies acted out in thirty seconds and starring bunnies.

Green Ball Smelly Poop - Send someone a package of smelly poop.

Green Ball Motivator: Inspire! Motivate! Mock! - Make a motivational poster out of your favorite picture!

Green Ball Asparagus - A site devoted to the vegetable that makes your urine stink.

Green Ball Throw Paper - Watch which way the fan is blowing. Careful! It's addictive...!!!

Green Ball Sexual Harassment and You - Another sexual harassment training film.

Green Ball Savage Love - A different kind of relationship advice site...

Green Ball Ghetto Prom - Is this for real?

Green Ball The Uncyclopedia - Not your normal collection of knowledge.

Green Ball Brokeback to the Future - They had the love that could transcend time...

Green Ball Kickback Mountain - The humor continues.

Green Ball SteelersSuck - Of course, being a Seattle fan, I had to give this site some love and traffic.

Green Ball See Me Rot - Peek in on a decomposing body via a coffin cam... Thanks, Eagle - I think...

Green Ball Hoff Image Database - You can never get too much of the Hoff.

Green Ball - I had high hopes for this one. See the furburger . . . dot net!

Green Ball SnowDays - This is another "more fun than stupid" site where you can cut your own snowflake and send it out amongst those from other people.

Green Ball Hooptie Hoopties - Runs good! Cold A/C!

Green Ball Conversations with a Nigerian Bank Scammer - "Not sure if cool or stupid..." Well, the stupid sites have way more interest, so we'll put it here!

Green Ball Stuff on My Cat - Pictures of cats with lots of stuff on them.

Green Ball Come Poop with Me - The home site of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Green Ball Hip Hop Name Generator - I'm MC Vanilla Cube Z.

Green Ball Dead Body Guy - Help this guy live his dream - to play a dead body on TV.

Green Ball Dead People Server - Can't remember if that celebrity is dead or not? Now you can find out.

Green Ball Safety at Work - Examples of safety in the workplace - NOT!

Green Ball Star Wars Spoofs - Funny animations parodying Star Wars.

Green Ball Mile High Club - So thats what the slogan "fly the friendly skies" means!

Green Ball Corpses For Sale - Bring out yer dead!

Green Ball Sleeping in Airports - Rate the best and the worst airports to crash, err, sleep overnight at!

Green Ball - NSFW - Guess if the breasts are fake or not!

Green Ball Modern Mummification for Pets - Hmmm. I don't know if this is better or worse than taxidermy...

Green Ball - It's not at all what you think. Don't believe me? CLICK IT! Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2006!

Green Ball Alternative State Quarters - These are even better than most of the real ones!

Green Ball Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot - Bang, bang, bang - BANG BANG BANG!

Green Ball Grossest Soda Ever - I got this selection of soda, with a very similar reaction...

Green Ball Bust a Clown in the Mouth - Hate clowns?  Bust one in the mouth.  Thanks, occlith!

Green Ball Ugly Dress - My eyes!! My eyes!!

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