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2005 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball Door Thwarts Quick Bush Exit - The most powerful man in the world - outsmarted by a door...

Green Ball Katrina Tetris - No one is off limits.

Green Ball Random Mr. T Fact - Scott sent this one in and says "Don't miss the ones with Chuck Norris!"

Green Ball Thorax Corporation - Is this the worst corporation ever?

Green Ball Videlectrix - Makers of such fine games as "Pigs on Head" and "50K Racewalker".

Green Ball V8 Snowblowers - For when you want to blow the snow back up into the clouds from which it came?

Green Ball Drivers License Search - Peter posted this one in the Forums and says "Type in your name, city and state and see your driver's license online. OOOOOoooooo. Let me qualify this by letting you know this site is probably one of the stupidest I've ever seen."

Green Ball Navtones - Have Mr. T give you directions to wherever you are going.

Green Ball Robot Chicken - I came across this show the other night and laughed my ass off.

Green Ball Learn Logic with Beavis and Butthead - Oh Beavis and Butthead, where hath thou gone?

Green Ball Jessica Simpson Blames Split on Mensa Society - The real reason for their split...

Green Ball Netdisaster - We've been attacked! Have a variety of your favorite web pages meet a variety of disasters.

Green Ball Red Dragon Diamond Club - Foyf sent in this video of guys that are hungry for shit!

Green Ball Steve, Don't Eat It! - Foyf sent this in and says "this guy eats the most discusting food possible, and lives to tell the tale"

Green Ball How Many Times? - (NSFW) Foyf sent this in and says "How many times Mr Bush?"

Green Ball A Wolf Having Sex with a Wasp - Foyf sent this in, and it's hard to believe, but it's true!

Green Ball Top Thirty Random Chuck Norris Facts - JR sent this in and says "Why I've always wanted to be like Chuck Norris. ROTFLMAO!!"  Voted Best Stupid Site of 2005!

Green Ball Homeless or Jesus - See if you can determine which one is homeless and which one is Jesus.

Green Ball Kim Jong Il's Journal - A blog of the North Korean dictator's on-line chats with world leaders.

Green Ball Scary Religious Alien Puppet - I can only say - WTF!

Green Ball Grimacing ShatnerClock - This one was on here a few years ago but disappeared. I'm glad to see this excellent site is alive and well once again!

Green Ball Not So Deep - JR sent this in and says "'Man, dat water's deep!' 'Yeah, cold too!'"

Green Ball Find A Grave - Find the gave of anyone! Thanks, Oz Jackass!

Green Ball Bush Shoot Out - Why do I find this not so difficult to believe?

Green Ball Maddox Halloween - Some great Halloween pictures here, including a pumpkin made out of beef jerky!

Green Ball International Star Registry - JR sent this in and says "Wanna give some a really dumb gift and spend $54 bucks on it?"

Green Ball Auros Symtheos, King of Dorks - Peter sent this in and says "This nerd says it best himself: Welcome to my homepage. My given name is Robert Michael Harman, but most people call me by my chosen name, Auros Symtheos." I think, however, most people actually call him "dork."

Green Ball Hot or Not for Geeks - mastik10 sent this in and says "check it out :\ really stupid site"

Green Ball Wacky “deutch” airbrushed vehicles - JR sent this in and says "I think the site could use background yodeling..."

Green Ball Neuticles - Fake balls for your neutered pet.

Green Ball Big Butt Biker Chick - JR sent in this video and says "You just HAVE to see this…safe for work."

Green Ball Ken the Cunt - SB sent me this site and says "It's against the mayor of london Ken Livingstone and his Congestion charge - the Cunt charge basically."

Green Ball Rate My Poo - JR sent this in and says "Dude, I’m even embarrassed to submit this…open at your own risk!" Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2005!

Green Ball The Shining Redux - This trailer shows the feel-good movie of the year!

Green Ball Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up - Thomas sent this in and says "I have an excellent nomination for a stupid site, and I know you will laugh at the fact that it even exists, as I have. Check it out - you won't believe what you're seeing. Enough said."

Green Ball Post Secret - fede Roman sent this in and says "don't know if this is stupid or not, surely it's amazing..."

Green Ball Hogaffla hage - No idea what this one is all about...

Green Ball Cummfy Banana - Drive your couch to work!

Green Ball Drunk Sorority Chick - Oh, talk about SEXY!

Green Ball Date Lance - Gee, I can't figure out why this guy can't get a date?

Green Ball Drink Your Way to Health - JR sent in this site and says "The site from which you ain’t leavin’ till you’re heavin’ "

Green Ball Talk Like a Pirate Day - So I'm a week late with this one, but just consider an early site for next year!

Green Ball Sign Generator - Peter sent this in and says "This one gets really old, REALLY fast."

Green Ball Guess the Google - It's a game where you guess what keyword is associated with the images. It's not as easy as you think - there's some bizarre ones out there!

Green Ball Montage-a-Google - Enter a keyword and automatically generate art. Or something like art.

Green Ball Where on Earth Weird and Dead Stuff - JR sent this in and says "Not sure if this qualifies as a cool or stupid site, but through them you can acquire prehistoric poop, jewelry made out of deer jaws, shrunken heads, gem skulls, and (supposedly) alien stuff. To each his own, I guess…"

Green Ball JC's Girls Girls Girls - (Safe for Work) JR sent this in and says "Christian p0rn? WTF?"

Green Ball Camilla Queen - Jollimo8 sent in this funny video about the future Queen of England...

Green Ball Spray On Mud - Make your car look like you have been off-roading by spraying on this fake mud. Hey, wouldn't it just be easier to get a bucket of REAL mud and just throw that on there? Hey, I've got some mud you can spray on, and I'll only charge you 5 pounds!

Green Ball Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Check out this new religion and its idea of Intelligent Design. I think I might join it. Thanks, Mark!

Green Ball Michael Jackson and the Chocolate Factory - Jollimo8 sent this funny flash video about a strange guy who invites children to his chocolate factory...

Green Ball Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy - So this is where the phrase comes from...

Green Ball Catapult - Jollimo8 sent in this game that you shouldn't play if you are a cat lover!

Green Ball Pull My Finger - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Oh Lord!"

Green Ball Santo Gold - Peter sent this in and says "Yes, he's back folks. Santo Gold is outta prison and now online. I've got chains, I've got charms; Santo Gold, Santo Gold; I've got bracelets for your arms!!"

Green Ball Church of Burgertime - A fan site devoted to one of the most obscure games ever...  Thanks, Scott!

Green Ball World's Smallest Website - Peter sent this in and says "The world's smallest website. How f#cking annoying is this? "

Green Ball More Bubblewrap - JR sent in this site and says "Bored?"

Green Ball Piss On Liberals - Chillin Dylan sent me this site and says "i got a stupid hall of famer. it's, or i've found the main site is stored at"

Green Ball Dumb Ass Bass - Jollimo8 sent this to me. Whatever happened to all those singing fish, anyway?

Green Ball Dog Condoms - Jason sent this to me and says "They are a real product with a real recall, dogs ate them because they smell meaty for your dogs pleasure."

Green Ball Mystical Smoking Head of Bob - Tammy sent this in and says "I have a feeling that the answers are pre-set..."

Green Ball Detlef Engel - JR sent this site to me and says "Before William Hung, there was...Detlef Engel!"

Green Ball Nigerian Santa Scam - Chuck sent me this site that shows how Santa gets all that money to make all those toys.

Green Ball Killer Fonts - Tammy sent this to me and says "Cause you know, the look on your teacher's face after handing in a report in Jack the Ripper's font is priceless."

Green Ball Tronguy - JR sent this to me and says "I don’t know, man, I’m just…I’m just…speechless!!"

Green Ball The Joys of Being Homeless - JR sent this site to me and says "So what if you smell a little? Food’s free!!"

Green Ball Orgasmica On-line - Understand how both of the sexes experience orgasm in this simulator.

Green Ball Cave of Magic - Darren sent this in and says "Check this out.  Must follow the rules for it to work."

Green Ball Museum of Food Anomalies - Shark sent this one in and says "Freaky food."

Green Ball String-Emil - Shark sent this one in and says "A gay German guy."

Green Ball Car Stuck Girls - JR sent this to me and says "Eurotrash chicks with their cars stuck in mud. Go figure. Check out the gallery."

Green Ball Weird Site - Shark sent this site in that cannot be described...

Green Ball Facts on Farts - Peter sent this to me and says "Fart Facts!! Answers questions that have plagued us for centuries like why does it take a few second for the smell kick in? And can farts can be stored in jars for later use."

Green Ball Die Screaming with Sharp Things in Your Head - Tammy sent this to me and says "Don't let the title trick you...wait, nevermind."

Green Ball Rusted - Willem sent this to me and says "I think that this site I found entirely about rust seemed like a good candidate for you."  You are correct!

Green Ball - Tammy sent this to me and says "Anything is possible at ... or at least you can buy a shirt. Make sure your sound is on."

Green Ball The Fingertips Project - Tammy sent this in and says "You know what, I was actually shocked at how entertained I was by this. And I am also very curious as to if it reminded anyone else of Hedwig and the Angry Inch for some reason. Anyways, Colin Mochrie from Whose Line? still holds his throne as acid trip flash animation king, and that's comforting."

Green Ball How Jedi Are You? - Take the quiz and find out.

Green Ball White Gangstaz - JR sent this to me and says "Icy Hot Stuntaz have all growed up, yo!!"  There ain't nuttin like the Stuntaz!

Green Ball Nature's Call - Don sent this one to me and says "Very swanky urinals."

Green Ball Newsbreakers - Don sent this to me and says "Check this out. These guys have made a serious hobby of messing with television news reporters during live broadcast."

Green Ball Virtual Vomit - Tuzilla sent this to me.  Pick your stomach contents and puke away!

Green Ball Snarg - Peter sent this to me and says "I'm not sure what snarg is or, frankly, why I did a google search for the word "snarg." Nevertheless, it led me to this little gem of a site. Click the little # sign at the right and choose between "sqeee" and "famina." Turn up the volume to enjoy full acid trip that this site truly is."

Green Ball Crop Circle Connector - Tuzilla sent this to me and says "Warning! Warning! Warning!"

Green Ball Terry Schiavo's Blog - Copeland sent this one in and says "Read her blog! NNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH! "

Green Ball Backstroke of the West - My friend Mark sent this to me and says "Hilarious screenshots of subtitles from Revenge of the Sith"

Green Ball Real Ultimate Power - JR sent me this site, which shows the key to REAL ULTIMATE POWER!

Green Ball What is love!? - It'll get inside your head and repeat itself over and over...

Green Ball Hats of Meat - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Meet the Fashion World head-on!"

Green Ball Tom Cruise Kills Oprah - As my friend Mark coined, "He's Darth Imbecile!"

Green Ball Darth Vader on Wheel of Fortune - This one is creative and classic!

Green Ball They Live - Peter sent this in and says "I have come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta bubblegum."

Green Ball Kung Fu Hamlet - The greatest piece of theater I have ever seen. Don't miss it this year in the Minneapolis Fringe Festival!

Green Ball Everything You See is in the Past - Another weird site.

Green Ball Thought Screening Helmet - Mark sent this to me along with his sincere desires to purchase one for his mother-in-law...

Green Ball Swine Odor Waste Management - JR sent this in and says "Swine Odor Q&A's"

Green Ball Britney Spears Strip Tease Game - (PROBABLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK) Guide the ball through the maze and Britney takes it off for you!

Green Ball Free Katie - Help support the freedom of this actress from the forces of evil!

Green Ball Grocery Store Wars - The adventures of Cuke Skywalker, Chewbroccoli, Ham Solo, and Darth Tater...

Green Ball Viking Kittens - AAAAAAAyyyyy-ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Green Ball Religious Attire for Rent - NCityRhythm sent this in and says "yay the more the merrier!!!"

Green Ball Eat Liver - benvenuto sent me this and says "i spent hours there. some of those pics ar more than just stupid."

Green Ball Kontraband - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Here is a bounty of weird/stupid/scary...try the Kitten Cannon and watch the Lotion Video"

Green Ball New Year's Resolutions for Dogs -NCityRhythm sent this in and says "FUN"

Green Ball Everyone is Stupid - addicted one sent this in and says "wtf, eh?"

Green Ball Varaces - JR sent this in and says "Not that stupid, depending on your perspective. You can look up car chase film names by car make and model"

Green Ball Random Vin Diesel Quote - Pikeface sent this in and says "have you ever wanted to know more about Vin Diesel? well here are just a few samples of things you whouldn't have ever know about him. "

Green Ball The Winkery - Can you guess who is winking at you?

Green Ball The Turd Twister - oldhippy sent this in and says "For people who like to take a dump with a difference "

Green Ball Shoot it! - Upload a picture and unload on it!

Green Ball Monkey Friends - Patrick sent this in and says "You know, there's something funny at first about this site, which is the photo page of a website that sells monkey clothes. But then, it started to creep me out...especially the photo of a monkey wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers DRESS, for chrissake. I dunno why, but that's just wrong."

Green Ball The Ukes of Hazzard - The hit ukulele band with their hit "Gay Boyfriend".

Green Ball World Jump Day - JR sent this in and says "Go ahead and jump..."

Green Ball Mackie the Star - Shark submitted this site for "the most famous cat in the world".

Green Ball DOS 404 Error - Fatjapp sent in this great site!

Green Ball The Wonders of Snot - Andre sent this in and says "How did I ever get by before reading this page? It's a wonder all the amazing info that is out there!"

Green Ball Taco Bell Dog - Pikeface sent this one in and says "Who forgot about the Taco Bell Dog?  Obviously not this guy. well, me neither."

Green Ball Lie Girls - These girls tell you everything you want to hear - especially if you are a conservative Republican...

Green Ball The Experiment - This guy tests out and rates a bunch of kids' rides.  Thanks, Jeff and Audrey!

Green Ball Ratz - From JR who simply says "Oh, rats!!"

Green Ball The Drugs I Need - Someone sent me this link for a video about the evil pharmaceutical drug companies, who are now passing Communists and terrorists as Hollywood's #1 villain!

Green Ball Ed Grimley - An Ed Grimley doll sees the world.

Green Ball International Passport Record Bureau - Look up anyone's passport information in this on-line database.

Green Ball iloveegg - jobunny5 sent this in and says "really stupid it is all about a dumb egg"

Green Ball Litterbox "Hiss of Death" - fleming sent this in and says "litterbox live in concert rockin the tune "hiss of death" complete with pyros and a big screen."

Green Ball JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank - Be the first on your block to drive one!

Green Ball Celebresemblities - From our friends over at Deuce of Clubs comes this game in which you match up the Internet personals with the celebrities that they claim they look like...  Good luck; I only got 8%!

Green Ball Some weird Japanese site - (NSFW) JR sent this in and says "I have NO idea..."

Green Ball Rate My Mullet - If you really love mullets (and I know a lot of you do), now you can knock yourself out rating them...

Green Ball W Ketchup - JR sent this in and says "Dubya what??"  I guess it's for use with your freedom fries...

Green Ball Rate My Vomit - Not for the weak of stomach...

Green Ball Charlie's Chuck Page - JR sent this in and says "Everything you wanted to know about Chuck Taylors. (Who was Chuck Taylor, anyway?)"

Green Ball iPod - Shark sent this spoof of the iPod.

Green Ball Hilarious Dude Lip-Syncing - JR sent this in and says "This is not me, I swear..."

Green Ball Jenn's List of Honourary Canadians - You too can become an honourary Canadian, eh!

Green Ball Axolotls - JR sent in this one and says "I tell ya...I'm not scared of lizards, spiders, rodents, or toads. But if I see one of these things, I'm gonna be screeching like a 9 year old girl:"

Green Ball The Hole - JR sent this in and says "Man's proud of his hole..."

Green Ball Shakeskin - JR sent this in and says "Why be normal?"

Green Ball The Church of Body Modification - JR sent this one in and said that he did not think that even I would believe this...

Green Ball Ripped Underwear - JR sent in this site with all kinds of pictures of ripped and soiled undergarments.

Green Ball Handling Iguanas - JR sent this in and says "What everyone must know - how to handle an Iguana."

Green Ball The Canonical List of Weird Band Names - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Some how knowing that I never saw bands like the Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Out of Godzilla's Butt leaves and empty spot in my great concerts memory bank."

Green Ball Arnocorps - sleazy martini sent this in and says "this is what happens when nerds and rock n roll collide, site is well made, yes, it is a real band, fan photos and mp3s you have got to check out"

Green Ball More People that Cliff Yablonski Hates - Chris sent in this site that is full of great pictures and captions, and Chris says "my fav is the sleep potato face... enjoy"

Green Ball More Crappy Children's Artwork - Chris sent this one in and says "this is defff going to be good."

Green Ball Toothpaste for Dinner - A site with some funny cartoons.  Thanks, Chris!

Green Ball Mr. T versus George W. Bush - What else can I say?

Green Ball Desperate Houseflies - Cheryl sent this in and says "You know a show has 'mad it' when there are parody sites for it."

Green Ball Mr T Goes for a Drive - And apparently he wants to get stoned as well...

Green Ball Cat's New Year's Resolutions - Craig sent in this site that is so true it's funny.

Green Ball New Year's Joe-ks - Tuzilla sent this in and says "What better way to kick off 2005 -- lotsa other weird/cool stuff too."

Green Ball XmasBash - Partake in the ultimate fight between Santa and Frosty in this on-line game!

Still a glutton for more?  Check out the sites from 2004!