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2004 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition iPod - But does it help you do the cool hoedown?

Green Ball Men's Health Eye Chart - JR sent this in and says "This test works and can identify several common vision problems."

Green Ball Chewy Dog - JR sent this in and says "Liked Baby Chewie? Here's Chewy Dog!!"

Green Ball Antichrist Bob's Family Fun Pages - He's Bob, and he's the Antichrist.

Green Ball Dancing Hillary - So stupid on so many levels...

Green Ball neato - Tuzilla sent this in and says "You can backstep into this site and find tons of other weird stuff."

Green Ball World Beard and Moustache Championships - Peter sent this in and says "See you next October in Berlin for the world beard and mustache championships!!! I might go "freestyle" next year."

Green Ball David Hasselhoff is the Antichrist - And he has proof!

Green Ball Road Rage Signs - JR sent this in and says "For the driving &*$(# in you."

Green Ball Miss Wales 2004 - The page that seemingly has all of Britain abuzz...

Green Ball Pointless Sites - JgbeBarnes sent this in and says "please put it is way better than ur web site and way for fun thanks!"  Sure, there are a lot of sites better than mine; but then, that leads one to ask, why bother to come to my site and try to drive my traffic there?

Green Ball I Love Duckies - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Woo...a site with all the stuff no one wants for Christmas in one easy to view location."

Green Ball Baby Chewie - JR sent this in, and it rocks - I just wish I could have named Alex Chewbacca - that would have been so cool!  Check out Baby Chewie's Stunts!

Green Ball Valentines Performing Pigs - Peter sent this in and says "Why not hire a group of Vietnamese pot bellied pigs to perform at your next corporate event (yes, they claim to do corporate events.)"

Green Ball Find the 3 Differences - George sent in this puzzle and asks you to try to find the three differences.

Green Ball Icy Hot Stunta Name Generator - "Da Rappin Duke" sent this one in and says "Pretend you are the fourth member of the Icy Hot Stuntaz with the Icy Hot Stunta name generator. Mine is "Da Rappin Duke," but I prefer the name it gives my best friend's 2 month old son, "Weed Smoka." Submit yo' name, masta' da hand sign and you a memba' of da club, STUNTA!!"

Green Ball B-SHOC - The return of the Icy Hot Stuntaz!  Peter sent this one in and says "If you've ever wondered (as I often have) whatever happened to the Icy Hot Stuntaz, wonder no more. Our favorite firebird-driving suburban gangsta, Da Flame, is now performing under the name G-Shoc. It appears Da Flame took over the group after Blade's (remember, he drove the eclipse was "still on the yayo") royal gaffe on the Stuntaz's original website. Blade and Freeze have been demoted and now operate only as backup to Da Flame (aka G-Shoc) under the name the Dirty South Basement Boys. Stuntaz 4 Life, yo!!"

Green Ball Artificial Horse Vaginas - Peter sent this in and says "No joke, masturbation devices for your horse."

Green Ball The Visible Mars Project - Tuzilla sent this in and says "I wonder if they are receiving government funding or grants???"

Green Ball Horse Games 1 - Peter sent this and says "This link will take you to a couple of batches of insane and unsurprisingly crappy horse-themed video games. My favorite is the one where you chase the mares and try to mate with each of them. "

Green Ball Horse Games 2 - Peter sent this and says "Second favorite is the one where you use the horse's tail to swat flies. Enjoy the insanity!"

Green Ball INNERGEEK - Take the Geek Test and find out how big of a geek you are.

Green Ball Pets in Uniform - It's pictures of pets - wearing uniforms...

Green Ball Tofurkey - It's just wrong!  Next, you'll have Soylant Green Turkey!

Green Ball World Toilet Organization - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Found this 11/19. Wish I had found it sooner.  I felt moved to go."

Green Ball May I Offer You A Coffee? - My friend Sotorios sent me this site and says, "PUT THE COIN IN THE VENDING MACHINE, CHOOSE YOUR DRINK, CLICK ON THE CUP WHEN IT IS READY, CLICK ON "APRI", ENJOY! and Don't forget to click on < APRI > at the end."

Green Ball Virtual Bartender - Have fun giving her orders.  Try "fight like a jedi" for some stupid fun!

Green Ball Zorak Headkicker Game - Go with Zorak as he kicks robot ass while finding Brak's mom...

Green Ball Sorry Everybody - Shark sent this in where a number of Americans apologize for our recent election results...

Green Ball Wu-Name Generator - This one says my name is "Erratic Watcher"...

Green Ball It's the End of the World as We Know It ... Again - Tuzilla sent this in and says "WOW!  This site is the gateway to Toonville...especially religious wacko Toonville.  Don't miss "The Net Kooks Corner" link."

Green Ball Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names - Tuzilla sent this one in and says "Pick away...but I am laying claim to  Whisper Cocks and Brother Pancake"

Green Ball Scout Walker Kama Sutra - Understand the various erotic positions used in the mating rituals of Imperial scout walkers...

Green Ball Wu Tang Name Generator - My Wu-Name is "Temporary Spastic".

Green Ball Pancakes for Pinkos - JR sent this in and says "Commies embrace Capitalism...or something"

Green Ball Bleatophany - The Lileks page is a long-time favorite in the Stupid Sites, but you absolutely HAVE to download the Yeagh! mp3!

Green Ball Is Bush Wired? - Or is he just that stupid on his own?

Green Ball Zen - Tuzilla sent this and says "Zen philosophy teaches that what you do not do is more important than what you do do..."

Green Ball Daddy, would you like some sausage? - From Shark comes this brilliant stupid site.

Green Ball Vogon Poetry Generator - Tuzilla sent in this different site and says "Always remember where your towel is."

Green Ball Kids Visit Margaritaville - Pikeface sent this one  in and says "Make sure your kids haven't been drinking at lunch!"

Green Ball Request - It's like spam theater.  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Scary Squirrel World - All about squirrels...

Green Ball Yeti Surfing - You loved the Yeti baseball, bow try your hand at Yeti surfing!

Green Ball Starbucks Everywhere - JR sent this in and says "Someone with a creepy fetish for Starbucks."  And yes, if you go to the page for Houston, you can see Lewis Black's famous "Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks"...

Green Ball Ebonics Translator - The Ebonics site iz taday'smad stupid site an dat boil on mah ass.

Green Ball Badgers Invade Kenya - Those wacky badgers...

Green Ball Crosswalks for Butterflies - Remember those poor butterflies that ended up smashed on your windshield.  Thanks, Mike!

Green Ball Speed Stacks - Another site from Patrick & Cindy.  Someone please tell me this will NOT become an Olympic sport...

Green Ball Strangers on My Flight - A great Frank parody sent in by JR!

Green Ball Crazy Neighbor - Why not to give out your number to your crazy neighbors...

Green Ball Funny videos - Stelios sent me this site that has lots of funny video clips!

Green Ball Sam's Mailbox Pictures and Fred's Mailbox Pictures - Occlith sent this in and says "you can never view too many mailboxes"

Green Ball An Open Letter to Gary Coleman - As signed by "The Future Mrs. Gary Coleman"...

Green Ball I Pity the Haiku! - Poetry dedicated to Mr. T, fool!

Green Ball Monkey Movies - They are using monkeys in movies to brainwash you!

Green Ball BathroomLife - Shark sent this one in and says "The Web's largest source of bathroom humor"

Green Ball Shutdown the Internet - Tuzilla sent this in and says "I have often found the end of the Internet...This is the first time I actually found the power button."

Green Ball Real Ultimate Power - The Chainsaw Ninja sent this in and says "It’s a site all about ninjas, and it’s written by a 10 year old kid who probably has ADD. The sad thing is, there is actually a book based on this site. Me and my friends now talk about ninjas all the time."

Green Ball Random Names - For when you need a name quick!  Thanks, Ian!

Green Ball Dot on the Horizon - So simple, so stupid...  Thanks, Ian!

Green Ball Sheeps Get Their Grooves On - Shark sent this one in and says "And there they are again, but now to wake you."

Green Ball Youth of Britain - Shark sent this one in and says "Videos, music, ..."

Green Ball Cthulhu For President - Hey, he can't be any worse than Dubya...

Green Ball Diarrhea Memorial Toilet Roll Website - Remember the victims...

Green Ball On and Off - Go ahead, flick the switch.

Green Ball The Betty Hubbard Clinic Lard-o-matic - (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) JR sent this in and says "Gotta get me this!"

Green Ball "I, Robot" in a nutshell - Shark sent this in and says "Why you don't wanna see it."

Green Ball Philosophical Shit List - JR sent this in and explains "Shit, from a philosophical perspective."

Green Ball The Fine Art of Nosepicking - A historical analysis.

Green Ball Virtual Pet Rock - Tuzilla sent this in and says "I can live with this...but if they come up with virtual chia pets...I shudder to imagine."

Green Ball Homestar Runner - DotAO sent in this classic site!

Green Ball William Hung - JR sent this in and simply says "WTF?"  Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2004!

Green Ball Weblog Wannabe Award-o-matic - Generate an automatic award for your weblog...

Green Ball J-Walk Blog - oldhippy sent in this site for all you stick figure fans.

Green Ball - Home of the best mugshots, including Chris Kemp, who bears a striking resemblance to Beavis...

Green Ball Mean Kitty - Shark sent this site in that shows that all cats aren't all nice and cuddly...

Green Ball Dancing Eagles - Yeehaw!

Green Ball The Adventures of Action Item - A superhero for cubicle dwellers!

Green Ball Ultimate Beer Gut Contest - JR says "It is rumored that the webmaster of Rants In Your Pants is in their Hall of Fame."

Green Ball Home Run Albanifest 2004 - How good are you at navigating drunk?  Thanks, Shark!

Green Ball The Borg Meet Bill Gates - The key to defeating the Borg.  Thanks, bill!

Green Ball - Tuzilla sent this one in and writes "It is like an almost bottomless well of the unexplainable, but really cool graphics, morph's, sounds/music...and I think it likes to be that way. It is like Hearts in Space, Tangerine Dream and the inside of Timothy Leary and Salvador Dali's brains got together for some partying.  Navigating the site is a puzzle with tiny, obscure, seemingly hidden buttons. But, if you're persistent, it seems to go on in different directions forever. Just keep playing with it and trying different things."

Green Ball Barking Spiders of North America - A field guide to these often heard but seldom seen spiders.  Thanks, oldhippy!

Green Ball - A parody of a popular aviation site that is known for its "experts" who haven't graduated high school yet but have amassed thousands of hours in flight sim.

Green Ball Rock Paper Saddam - Lou sent this in and says "This is what REALLY happened at Saddam's court appearance."  Voted Best Stupid Site of 2004!

Green Ball Pink Lady - I happened to come across this old TV show on Trio the other night, and I knew it had to be posted here...

Green Ball Despair, Inc - Tuzilla sent this and says "A great place to buy presents for that cocky, young co-worker who thinks he's on the road to the top."

Green Ball Roger Moore's Fantabulous Eyebrows - Thanks, MZCosmo!

Green Ball Evil Conservatives - Who new whales made such great fuel sources?  Thanks, Joe!

Green Ball The Truth About the Fatkins Diet - So true!  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball AnagramSite - Found out that "Rants in Your Pants" is really and anagram of "transitory nun spa"...

Green Ball - You gotta love annoying music and stupid sites.

Green Ball - Your source for everything urinal related.  Thanks, Jack!

Green Ball Marry an Ugly Millionaire Online Dating Agency - Tuzilla sent this one in and says "I got now I can share this gold mine with the rest of you."

Green Ball Jenny Richards Fan Page - An entire group devoted to a bimbo in an infomercial?  You people REALLY need to get out more...

Green Ball Black People Love Us - Another classic sent in by Tuzilla, who says "The perils of young Republicans trying to be hip."

Green Ball First Church of the Last Laugh - JR sent this in and says "Stupid is as stupid does..."

Green Ball Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa - Submitted in attempt to rid the internet of all dignity by the original fishnet queen, Tammy.

Green Ball Alzare Infomercial - Saw this commercial last night, and found this site this morning.  Funny stuff.

Green Ball Badger Badger Badger - A classic from Ncityrhythm who says "badgers with mushrooms and a snake. Strange yet addictive."

Green Ball Cookie Mongoloid - Your favorite Sesame Street tunes as played in Goth black metal...

Green Ball Please P Diddy Don't Ruin This Song - Thanks, JR!

Green Ball Escape from Eluned - JR sent this site in and says "Make your drunken pals famous!"

Green Ball Awful Plastic Surgery - When stars think they are improving themselves - NOT!  Thanks, Dave and Amy!

Green Ball Wash Away Your Sins - Who knew it could be so easy?  Thanks, JR!

Green Ball 2000 Alternate Uses for Peanut Butter - Who knew?  Thanks, Tuzilla!

Green Ball Wing Music - Shark sent this music site in.

Green Ball The Shining in 30 Seconds - With bunnies.  Thanks, SimpsonsQuoteMan!

Green Ball - JR sent this in and says "A real crappy website (pun intended)"

Green Ball A minute of your time - Tammy sent this in and says:  "I very very very seldom find anything scary, heck, the exorcist should have been rated pg in my opinion, but this thing really did creep me out. make sure your sound is on."

Green Ball Marry Your Pet - Yet another marriage controversy? Thanks, Merryn!

Green Ball Dead Malls - JR sent this site that shows you shopping places of the past.

Green Ball Chicken Aerobics - Shark says:  "Stupid, but cute!"

Green Ball - (Ads are NSFW) From Tammy, who says "all I can say is: what the hell? and very appropriately so. press the play button."

Green Ball Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device - Tuzilla sent this in and says "Live forever and build your own personal UFO...maybe you will get to meet Elvis"  Thanks, Tuzilla!

Green Ball Marked Territory - fleming sent in another new Litterbox hit!

Green Ball Four on the Floor - Litterbox is back with this new hit!  Thanks, MAT!

Green Ball Alcohol Without Liquid Machine - From Shark comes this site for a machine that gives you a buzz without having to deal with all those messy liquids...

Green Ball Vanilla - Shark sent this site in and accurately describes it as "Something with a tree."

Green Ball Balltrimmer - You have to love the cool logo also...

Green Ball TRON - Eagle sent this site in.  I know the ladies will love this one!

Green Ball Cereal and Milk - These guys love their cereal...

Green Ball Which Nigerian spammer are you? - From lasonovich comes this gem that combines two of my favorite pastimes...

Green Ball Pimp Hats - JR sent this one in and says "Yo peeps! Check dis!"

Green Ball Installing Linux on a Dead Badger - Tammy sent this in and says "the possibilities for when this could come in handy are endless"

Green Ball Slap the Raver - Slap, slap, slap!  Thanks, JR!

Green Ball The Exorcist in 30 seconds with bunnies - Thanks, Mark! The title just about sums it all up...

Green Ball Enlighted - Tammy sent this in and says "my goodness, as if guys dont stare at our chests enough, the brilliant people over at enlighted designs just had to come up with this small wonder. Well at least you fellas also make out in the deal too."

Green Ball Subservient Chicken - Eagle sent this great site in.

Green Ball God Hates Shrimp - Then why did he make them?  Thanks, Minuteman!

Green Ball Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley - Tammy sent this in, but said I was on my own for writing the blurb.  So, it's got a lot of weird stuff, including dwarves for VeX!

Green Ball Molvania - A land untouched by modern dentistry...

Green Ball Live Cat Soccer - It's live cat sports time again!  Thanks, Kristie!

Green Ball 1001 Things to do with Liquid Nitrogen - Pikeface sent this scientific gem in.

Green Ball Herve Sings - Tammy sent this in and says "well, no explanation needed for this one. just watch....and learn."

Green Ball How to Toilet Train Your Cat - There's nothing funnier than seeing a cat on the crapper...  Thanks, JR!

Green Ball The Demented Cartoon Movie - Tammy sent this in and says "I don't know who I'm more in awe of: the people who designed this cartoon or the people who will sit through the whole thing."

Green Ball Waders - Another scary site from JR, who says "Photos 3&4 left me VERY disturbed...but then it gets worse."

Green Ball Loser Cars - JR sent this in and says "The management of Rants In Your Pants cannot be held liable if your mode of transportation is depicted here."

Green Ball Crabb Jumpers - occlith sent me this site that just has to be seen to be believed. Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2004!

Green Ball Insane Domain - The site for the best sock puppet porn on the web.  Thanks, Crawfordrecyclin!

Green Ball Simulator - I had this one in here a few years ago, but since it's again very popular, I'm adding back on the list!  Simulate the life of a McDonald's employee.  Thanks, Tammy, Patrick, and Doogie!

Green Ball The H-Wing - Transforming your Honda Del Sol into something that can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs...

Green Ball We Like the Moon - The thing that started all those Quizno's commercials...

Green Ball Michael Jackson Artworks - JR sent this one in and says "Hmmm...someone who's nuts for a nut."

Green Ball Improved Penguin Baseball - (Ads NSFW) Now with more blood!

Green Ball Essay Generator - David sent this one in and says "Makes an essay on ANYTHING, different every time"  Thanks, David!

Green Ball Camp Cockatoo - JR sent this one in and says "Plenty of big cockatoos on this site."

Green Ball Ugly Christmas Lights - Eagle sent this one in.  These Christmas light displays are hilarious!

Green Ball Rumsfeld Fighting Styles - lasonovich posted this classic site out in the forums.  Voted Best Stupid Site of 2004!

Green Ball Harry Potter's Wang - Thanks, SimpsonsQuoteMan!

Green Ball My Mother is Insane - JR sent me this site that redefines the term "pack rat"...

Green Ball Weird French Batman Thing - 'ed' sent me this site.  Not quite sure what it's all about, but I think it qualifies for placement here!

Green Ball Toren van beren - Knock down stuffed bears...

Green Ball Michael Dragson - Play Michael Jackson's cosmetic surgeon in this game where you can pick the parts for his face!  Thanks, SimpsonsQuoteMan!

Green Ball Menstrual Humor - occlith sent this in and says "Be the life of the party when you tell these jokes."

Green Ball The Streaker - The site for the displayer of skin in last night's Super Bowl.  No, the one that no one really seemed to care about...

Green Ball Masturbate for Peace - (NSFW) Eagle sent this one in.  As with all sites dealing with masturbation, it's probably not safe for work...

Green Ball Why Was He Sad - From The_Ant comes this weird game thing...  Thanks, The_Ant!

Green Ball Disco Cherie Blair - Yeah, it's another one of those dance things...

Green Ball Escape from Neverland - Help Michael Jackson save the children - sort of.... Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Lawn Mower Racing Association - JR explains:  "Always wanted to race in your Briggs & Stratton? No problem!"

Green Ball Penguin Baseball - From Doogie comes this instant classic...

Green Ball The 2004 State of the Union Address Drinking Game - The ONLY way to watch this speech...

Green Ball Forbidden Truth - Eagle sent this one in.  Yeah, Charlie Manson is the Seer of Forbidden Truth.  The use of "truth" here is about as proper as Fox News's use of "fair and balanced"...

Green Ball Queen Kong - JR sent this in and says "You gotta check out the photo gallery..."

Green Ball Boobah Zone - Just for you, Gizz and Vex!

Green Ball Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - Craig sent some informative links for Gizz about the living dead.

Green Ball Gesichter des Orgasmus - Not quite sure what this is all about, but thanks Eagle!

Green Ball Not All Americans Are Stupid - And you can take the test to prove it!

Green Ball Proper Forklift Safety - JR sent this one in and describes it as "Job safety training video - Stephen King style"  Yeah, it's in German and starts off kind of slow, but stick around to the end and I guarantee you'll be laughing your ass off - or sick to your stomach...

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