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2003 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball ILL Mitch - Dee-Kay says: "(my personal fav... its the emotion in his eyes that gets me) the hipest thing since supergreg"

Green Ball FUH2 - A site that says how we all feel about Hummer drivers... Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball xxxchurch - #1 Christian porn site?  JR says:  "Now I know I'm gonna burn in hell. Read the FAQ."

Green Ball MANties - Panties for men.  From Eagle.

Green Ball Bush Yoga - From Eagle is this site that shows President Bush demonstrating various yoga positions.

Green Ball Man Will Never Fly Memorial Society - "Birds Fly, Men Drink".  Thanks, JR!

Green Ball Buncha Yo-Yos - From JR comes this video of some crazy Japanese guys and their yo-yos...

Green Ball Leia's Metal Bikini - A site devoted to the fantasies of Star Wars geeks everywhere!

Green Ball Kelly Osbourne - Is there anything more stupid than having an entire website devoted to someone whose only talent seems to be that she is the daughter of a washed-up metal head?  Hey, turn-about is fair play...  Thanks, Lucie!  Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2003!

Green Ball Bubb Rubb's Crib - Woooo! Woooo!  Thanks, Scott!  Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2003!

Green Ball Ricecop - From JR is this site that JR explains:  "This one's similar to the gone-but-not forgotten (or should I say, still there but never updated) Makes fun or the so-called ricers."

Green Ball Fashion Police - From El Grande, a place for you to report fashion crimes.

Green Ball All Your Iraq Are Belong to Us - A great parody of the "All your base..." phenomenon.  Thanks to jetskier79!

Green Ball Helvetica versus Arial - Battle of the fonts!  It's actually much cooler than it sounds.

Green Ball Neil's Humor Page - Be sure to push the buttons...

Green Ball Let Me Sleep - Not quite sure what this site is about...

Green Ball Osama or Pat or Jerry - Guess who said the ultra-conservative comment, Osama bin Laden, Pat Robertson, or Jerry Falwell.  It's not as easy as it looks...

Green Ball - We've had this one on here a while ago, but now it has a new URL!  Thanks, dee-kay!

Green Ball Extreme Ironing - Hang upside down from that cliff and iron that shirt!

Green Ball Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character - lasonovich sent this one  in.  Let me guess: it's either Idi Amin or Monroe from Too Close for Comfort...

Green Ball Towzone - JR sent in this site for "some guy that gets off on car wrecks."

Green Ball Fido reads your mind - JR sent in this site that will guess your number; just make sure you have your calculator ready...

Green Ball Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop - JR sent this one in and says "Ummm...I always thought Jeff Goldblum was weird, but..."

Green Ball The Meatrix - JR sent in this spoof of the Matrix.

Green Ball Who Would Make a Better President? - Is it George Dubya Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs?

Green Ball Heaven Hell Purgatory - El Grande sent me this site and suggests "Check out the Interactive page."  Great site; I like the interaction with God where you can confess your sins - complete with a pick list of the 7 deadliest.  Thanks, El Grande!

Green Ball Mr. Nice Hands - JR sent this one in and says "Very helpful site."  You'll love it.

Green Ball Halloween Flash - See flash versions of the Halloween movies.  Yes, even including the awful "Season of the Witch"...

Green Ball Jesus Dress-up - Eagle sent this one in.  I dressed Jesus up like a pirate witch!

Green Ball Bum Wine - ElectricWookie sent me this site for wine connoisseurs who drink from screw-top caps and paper bags...

Green Ball Funny Sign - Pikeface sent this site in.  Ever seen one of those signs while driving that makes you say, "Huh?"

Green Ball Googlism - Find out what google thinks of you!  Thanks, electricwookie!

Green Ball Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer - Mark sent me this site that quizzes you to see if you know the answer to that very question...

Green Ball Where's Willy - So, you are a Canadian, and you want to play "Where's George," but you can't because your money doesn't have George on it...  Well, Pikeface has supplied the answer just for you...

Green Ball Star Wars Kid - Jeff and logboy sent in this site for the infamous Star Wars Kid, with lots of videos...  Jeff says "Check out the original videos AND the very stupid clones... actually, I am not sure which is more stupid, the original or the clones???" Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2003!

Green Ball Fast Food Fever - peach fuzz sent me this site that explains how to combine fast food items into new, interesting creations!  Thanks, peach fuzz!

Green Ball zefrank - Jessie Tim and Phil sent this in and say: " is quite possibly the stupidest, most entertaining site of all time. Highly recommendable."  Lots of stuff there.  Thanks!

Green Ball Chow Mein Song - You may not ever eat Chinese again... Thanks, Terry!

Green Ball World Beard and Moustache Championships - Another great site from ElectricWookie!  Wonder if this will be carried by ESPN2... 

Green Ball Scratch - Litterbox are back performing their new hit song, "Scratch!"  Thanks, fleming!

Green Ball All Look Same? - Another one from electricwookie that asks you to identify the nationalities of several Asians.  According to the site, it's not offensive, because it's not a statement, but a question.

Green Ball Milkmen - This is just WRONG!  electricwookie sent me this site, which I most definitely will NOT be trying with Alex.  Thanks, electricwookie - I think...

Green Ball this is not a site - Stefan sent this and says: "the most useless site I've ever seen"

Green Ball T-Shirt Hell - Pikeface sent this t-shirt place in.  Lots of good stuff here.

Green Ball Tammyworld - From Pikeface who explains:  "A site about a stupid redneck girl...I'm suprized they can use a computer..."

Green Ball Mary Carey for Governor - (NSFW) Will the people of California vote a porn star in as governor?

Green Ball The Assassinate David Blaine Game - Brits, you can keep David; we don't want him back.  We'll consider it even on the whole Revolution thing...

Green Ball MethodShop - Lots of funny stuff here dealing with poop, sports, terrorism, and Goonies.

Green Ball Aztek Rally - There are people who are really proud to own this car?

Green Ball - See the best (and worst) quotes from your local IRC chats...

Green Ball First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis - There is no music but rock and roll, and Elvis is its prophet...  (Mark, I knew you'd love this one...)

Green Ball Bikini Science - (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) Steve sent this in and says:  "I won't call anything to do with the bikini "stupid" but there's way too much effort put into this one."  Who knew that there was such a science to bikinis?

Green Ball You Are Lame - Craig sent this in and says: "Replace the "your" and "name" in the URL and check it out! Pretty funny stuff."

Green Ball Get a Gansta Name - Yo, Eagle sent dis one to me.  And I be "Fat Ugly Skull Cruncha," sucka.  Word to your mother's uncle...

Green Ball Rate My Mullet - All the fun of "mullets galore" crossed with "hot or not"...

Green Ball Higher Primates Can Program - Robin sent this to me and says:  "Programmers (and Testers) being replaced by monkeys !"  Wow - and I thought outsourcing tech support jobs to India was bad...

Green Ball Butch Mushroom - Be a mushroom and eat bugs in this interactive game.

Green Ball A Business Proposal - Build your own Nigerian spam e-mails!  Thanks, Shecky!

Green Ball Letterscape - Bizarre interactive art thing... I think...

Green Ball Wulffmorgenthaler - Kathrine says:  "My favourite web-comic. It isn't really THAT stupid, but quite brilliant. Ooh yes it is!"

Green Ball Turtle Ninja Rocks - Kathrine explains:  "The proof that fanfiction-people are freaks. Nobert's site ( is one of the most scary things I have ever seen. If only these people's guestbook (no, DREAMbook) worked...."

Green Ball Your Star Wars Name - Find out your Star Wars name.  Hopefully it comes up with a better name than "Jar-Jar of Naboo"...  Thanks, Eagle!  Voted Best Name Generation Site of 2003!

Green Ball Get a Porn Star Name - Oh, yeah, baby...  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Spatula City - I know that you either love or hate UHF, but you can't help but love Spatula City!

Green Ball Crazy Things to Do with Coca Cola - And you thought it was just a good tasting soft drink...

Green Ball Tales of the Plush Cthulhu - ???

Green Ball The Chronicles of George - See the tickets written by the worst helpdesk technician ever!

Green Ball Hunting for Bambi - (PROBABLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK) If you like Bumfights, you'll probably like "Hunting for Bambi," where you watch hunters shoot naked women with paintballs... Thanks, Tom!

Green Ball Elvis Sighting Bulletin Board - Yes, everyone's looking for Osama and Saddam, but don't forget Elvis...

Green Ball Disturbing Auctions - Man, there's some weird stuff for sale...  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Ebola Monkey Man - There are a lot of great sites that turn the tables on Nigerian spammers, but this one is one of the best!  Be sure to see the photos!  Thanks, Richard and Naira!

Green Ball Stupid Questions Answered - Shaun passed this along and says:  "They appear quite funny and will find answers to a lot of questions."  Thanks, Shaun!

Green Ball Enlightening Elastomateric Experiences - Paul sent this link and ponders:  "Why are all freaks with weird meditation methods so skinny?"  Thanks, Paul!

Green Ball Online Proposal Service - How lame do you have to be to have someone design a web page so you can propose to your significant other?

Green Ball Willy Wonka and 2112 - What happens when you watch Willy Wonka at the same time as listening to Rush's 2112?

Green Ball The Top Ten Worst Romance Novel Covers - occlith sent this one in and says: "Top ten worst romance novel covers for 2002 and a link to the entry forms for next year's nominees. Fun to look at even if you're not a romance reader."  Thanks, occlith!

Green Ball Moon Amtrak - Join the 23rd Annual Event!  Thanks to occlith for sending this one in!

Green Ball General Zod - Kneel before Zod!

Green Ball Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary - Kathrine sent this and says: "the infinite teen slag dictionary. A lovely waste of time."

Green Ball Cannot Find Weapons of Mass Destruction - So true...

Green Ball Microsoft Linux - Very scary...

Green Ball Heartless Bitches International - All these heartless bitches of the world unite!

Green Ball Gonk - Dedicated to the real star of Star Wars...

Green Ball Crazy Tee Shirts - Karen sent me this site which has a bunch of great t-shirts (including the Al-Qaeda Flight School t-shirt).  Check it out!

Green Ball The Ashcroft Song - No, he doesn't sing again, but it's a great song about him.  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball 3rd Annual Nigerian E-Mail Conference - Will there be a call to unionize this year for health benefits?

Green Ball Humor is Dead - Move over Onion, here is the best new source for satirical news.  "Never Forget 5-3-3!"  This site is classic!

Green Ball The Human Beard-o Project - Adventures with facial hair... Thanks, Dan!

Green Ball The Klingon Language Institute - Yes, you too can learn a language that you can speak to people at Star Trek conventions in.  But, you have to wonder why the writers of Enterprise never bothered to learn the first thing about Klingons - like the fact that they would NEVER have escape pods on their ships...

Green Ball Kill the Pop-Ups - Kathrine sends in another great one: "Everybody hates pop-up so what could be more logical then making a game about them? It's fun fun!"

Green Ball Adopt a Local - Buy a stranger a beer...

Green Ball Where's George? - Ever wondered where your money has been?  Now you can find out! (*thinks about dollars sticking out from a stripper's g-string*)  Then again, maybe you are better off not knowing...  Thanks Mardi!

Green Ball Osama bin Laden in disguise - No wonder it's so hard to find this guy...

Green Ball Homestar Runner - VeX sent another one  in and says: "Feeling a little demented?  ...then this one's for you.  be sure to check out the games!!!!!!!!!"

Green Ball Richard Sandrak - VeX sent this one in and asks: "real or not?!"

Green Ball Cockles and Deggs Champions - I have NO idea what this site is all about...  Thanks, Vitology, I think...

Green Ball The Doom Song - Doom doom doom...

Green Ball See my girlfriend cook my sock - And don't miss pierced nipples and underage leather...

Green Ball The Axis of Just as Evil - I was looking for a funny site about Syria; this is the best I could find.

Green Ball The Wisdom of Boomhauer - Dang ole dang wisdom, man...

Green Ball SciFiPics - Miko sent me this site with a bunch of pictures of him at Star Trek conventions.  Think what you want, but I do admire his make-up, which looks pretty damned cool!

Green Ball Farting Nuns Organ - Make your own music with nuns with gas problems...

Green Ball Sourtoe Cocktail Club - When my friend Scott got back from an Alaskan cruise and told me all about drinks with human toes in them, I knew I had to add this site to this page...

Green Ball We Love the Iraqi Information Minister - MSS denied that the Americans were in Baghdad as smoke and tanks rolled past him in the background.  See what other claims he has made throughout history.  Don't miss the pictures!

Green Ball Worst Page on the Web - Yep, it's bad...

Green Ball Bush Blair Duet - Gizz told me about this one, and I searched all over and finally found it.  Not to be missed...  Voted Best Stupid Site of 2003!

Green Ball Saddam Hussein's LiveJournal - Who knew that Saddam blogged?

Green Ball AirplaneHomes - I wish I had one; one of these houses would be so cool... It would need a bigger bathroom, though...

Green Ball Time Cube - dee-kay sent this one in and says: "a site i came across by acident its insane babble that only make sence if your stoned"

Green Ball Rum and Monkey Widgets - VeX sent this one  in and says: "Y'know how you all like those dumbarse pointless tests....."

Green Ball Gulf War 2 - See how you fare in this game of what could happen in Iraq...

Green Ball smackdixie - abnoxio sent in this site and says: "beat the hell out of the dixie chick with the big fat yapper!"

Green Ball The HisTory of Michael Jackson's Face - The pictures make it worth it!

Green Ball Masturbate for Peace - (NSFW) A different kind of war protest...

Green Ball Ouchy the Clown - (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) From Dee-Kay, Ouchy is not your average clown.  (Oh, and I added the NSFW tag because I wouldn't want a co-worker to see that picture of Ouchy on my screen...)

Green Ball Black People Love Us - "Tonidramse" sent this one in and says "its more racist than anything so i don't know."  

Green Ball Mr. Tweak-a-thon - Go ahead and tweak him.  You know you want to...

Green Ball Bag of Bones - Litterbox is back with their latest hit!

Green Ball Hanson Fiction - It's fan fiction about Hanson.  Yep, the same annoying "Mmmm-Bop" band, not the hockey players...

Green Ball Bill Clinton's Underpants Pong - My friend Scott came across this site while looking for my site in Google...

Green Ball Automatic Flatterer - If you are feeling bad about yourself, this site should pick you up.

Green Ball Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - Another great names site from Janet.  She says: "But the one that had me rolling with laughter is this one; I can't decide what's funnier... The illiterate, misspelled messages people have apparently sent in, the name suggestions included in these messages, or the replies by the site's author to these messages. Or maybe all three."

Green Ball Sam and Friends - Another great site from eded.  Sam has many adventures but gets a lot of abuse.  Don't miss "Sam feels safe."

Green Ball 30 Minute Flash - Another great site from eded: "Tons-O-Blood!"

Green Ball Simianhead - Another great site from eded!

Green Ball Bizarre Names for Children - Janet sent me this site that has a bunch of bizarre names of children as listed by the Global Name Registry and by the Social Security Administration.

Green Ball The FBI is tracking terrorists on-line - and they are watching YOU!  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Hold the Button - How long can you hold it?

Green Ball E-mail Roulette - In case you don't get enough spam, you can sign up here for random e-mail from strangers... Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Bush or Chimp? - Kathrine sent me this site and says: "'The most powerfull man in the world' they say. Nope - most powerfull chimp!"  The pictures are the proof!  Thanks, Kathrine!

Green Ball Random Chicken - amethystesia sent me this site all about random chickens... Thanks, ammy!

Green Ball BBspot - If you love satire, you'll love the BBspot!

Green Ball I am better than your kids - A guy explains why he is better than your kids as he critiques their Internet art work.  Thanks, Toby!

Green Ball Japander - See commercials made by your favorite movie stars to sell stuff in Japan!

Green Ball - It bills itself as "The largest collection of digitally recorded belches on the Net!"

Green Ball Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments - In case you wanted to make it into the Darwin Awards...

Green Ball Gillian Anderson Almost Naked and Eating Pie - (WARNING:  There are a number of adult porn ads at this site, so it is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)  That said, this site is classic - it is what it says - a bunch of pictures of a half-naked Gillian Anderson and pie...

Green Ball Fluffertrax - If you are one of those people who watch porno movies for their soundtracks, then this is for you!

Green Ball Pimpwar - Challenge your friends in this game to see who can pimp their hoes the best!

Green Ball The George W. Bush State of the Union Drinking Game - Adele told me about it, and Eagle found the link, and I got it out here just in time for the fun.  I got a six pack and am ready for the "Don't Mess with Texas."

Green Ball Give Boobs - (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) Anson sent me this site where is a girl is asking you to give her money to buy boobs. 

Green Ball Porn Star or My Little Pony? - The Brunching Shuttlecocks give us this site with this game where you try to guess whether the name belongs to a porn star or a My Little Pony...

Green Ball ShitBegone - The future of toilet paper!

Green Ball Female or Shemale? - Can you tell the difference?  Take the test.  (Some photos may NOT be safe for work.)

Green Ball Proof that the Backstreet Boys are Space Aliens - The pictures don't lie!

Green Ball Lethal Llama - Fleming sent in this great new animation from eyeEnvision!  Beware the llama!

Green Ball Learn Ebonics - Craig sent me this site that teaches you how to properly speak ebonics.  Don't be faking the funk!

Green Ball The Credit Card Prank - Eagle passed this along and says:  "and you thought my signature was bad"

Green Ball Bloggus Caesari - A weblog from the front-lines... of Julius Caesar's assault on Gaul!

Still a glutton for more?  Check out the sites from 2002!