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2002 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball This Page Cannot Be Displayed - Finally, an honest error message...

Green Ball 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the US Army - Only 213 things?  They are all great, but #207 is my personal favorite.

Green Ball Your Age in Dog Years Calculator - Janet sent me this site that allows you to compute your age in dog years (or your dog's age in human years).  As she says, "Perfect site for when you can't think of anywhere to surf."  Thanks for the suggestion, Janet!

Green Ball Which type of Goth are you? - Quizzes were the big trend in 2002 (replacing the "_ or not" trend of 2001), and this one was chosen by you as Best "Which _ are you?" Site of 2002!

Green Ball Trent Lott's Kwanzaa Message to the Nation - Trent loves kwanzaa...

Green Ball Nobody Here - Psycomatronic sent this one in.  Lots of great weird stuff here...

Green Ball Stab Harry Potter in the Face - Terry sent me this one in which you get to take out your frustrations over the media's constant attention of anything Harry Potter!

Green Ball War on Terrorism - Chris sent me this one, and it is great fun!  Kill terrorists and kick Osama's ass!

Green Ball Singing Horses - lasonovich sent this one in .  Great musical time waster!

Green Ball Rather Good - Another great suggestion by Chris!  Various great flash animations, but don't miss any of the ones involving kittens!

Green Ball The Bible According to Cheese - Andrew sent me this site, in which your favorite parts of the Bible are acted out by cheese.  Thanks, Andrew!

Green Ball Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues - Eagle suggested this one.  Adele has come up with a bunch of names for these, such as "Jesus plays Keep Away", "Pass Interference Jesus", and "High Sticking Jesus".  Great site, Eagle!

Green Ball Stick Figure Death Theater - Chris sent these in.  In case you still can't get enough of stick figures...

Green Ball The Turd Twister - More fun with feces!

Green Ball The Bad Scary Place - Katie sent me this strange one and says "... and if one can find it, there is an especially stupid page... channel 2.2... and .. well, the car is infinite."  Thanks, Katie!

Green Ball The Love Calculator - See what your chances of love are...

Green Ball Theories on Grimace - What the hell is Grimace?  This page endeavors to find out...

Green Ball Cliff Yablonski Hates You - He really does. Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Darwin Awards - Craig sent in this site.  If you have never heard of the Darwin Awards, they are given to someone who really does something stupid and dangerous that ultimately results in them being removed from the gene pool.  Like the guy who died at the Halona Blowhole a couple miles away from Craig's house and made it into the site!  Check it out at "Blowhole"!

Green Ball Black People Love Us! - Check out the testimonials if you don't believe them!

Green Ball Superfriends Drinking Game - The best way to watch the Superfriends.  Thanks, Eagle!

Green Ball Titties and Beer - Another great Rodney Carrington song with great animation (you may remember Rodney from 'Dear Penis' and 'The Shower Curtain Song').  Thanks for sending the link, Eagle!

Green Ball The Shower Curtain Song - This Rodney Carrington song is great!  But, also don't miss Rodney's other classic song "Dear Penis"!

Green Ball Sodium Party - Craig sent this one in and writes: "It chronicles a science experiment we all wish we could have done back in school, but we didn't have a private lake and 3.5lbs of raw sodium to do it with."  Now, where can I get some sodium at...

Green Ball Betty Bowers is a Better Christian than You! - She probably is.  Don't miss the "How to Spot a Middle Eastern Terrorist" link!

Green Ball This Page Cannot Be F*cking Displayed - Finally, an honest error message...

Green Ball Acts of Gord - lasonovich sent this one in and says, "Gord appears to be a guy who runs a video game store in Canada and these are his tales of customer stupidity and his revenge upon the world."  It is very funny!  Check out Gord bringing justice to the schools...  Thanks, lasonovich!

Green Ball Star Wars: The Endor Holocaust - The critical part left out of the movie.  Also, geeks with way too much time on their hands...

Green Ball Rally Monkey - Ok, so I know I will catch flack from all the local Twins fans for this, but some co-workers kept talking about how much they hated the Anaheim Angels' "Rally Monkey," and when they went to this site, I laughed my ass off - and knew that it had to be listed here!

Green Ball Grudge Match - Headless Horseman vs. the T-800 Terminator - Eagle sent me this site.  Find out who wins in the battle of the villains...

Green Ball Useless Blobs - Janet sent me this site in which you can "adopt" a useless blob for your page.  Janet also says "check out the questions section, especially the subsection of questions titled 'random weirdos'."

Green Ball Goth Baby Clothes - Eagle sent me this one, and he didn't know which was the better site for it, this site or the Cool Links.  I think it definitely has to be this one!

Green Ball Brad: The Game - Can you find pants, become a secret agent, and revitalize Webster's career?

Green Ball Jimi Jamison Fan Page - Someone sent me this site and said "This site is very poorly put together, it's STUPID!"  However, Cheryl, the webmaster, is a good sport, and she wanted to let me know that all the links are working again now, and I have to say, although I am not a Jimi fan, her site is still worth wasting your time at.  And hey, wasting time and having fun is what this site is all about, right?  (And, I hate to admit it, but her cool interactive interface is SO much more cool than my plain old HTML pages...  Yes, I am very jealous...)  Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2002!

Green Ball Ketchup is Philosophically Unsound - Janet sent me this site and says, "A site full of philosophy. Don't panic-- it's NOT your average college course."  That's for sure!  Check this out and more at the site that describes itself as "making the world weirder one click at a time"!

Green Ball Pants Racing - When you aren't ranting in your pants, you can race them!

Green Ball Skirtman - bill suggested this site.  The name pretty much says it all.  But don't expect 'pretty' if you go there...

Green Ball Shredder - Want a different kind of web browsing experience?

Green Ball The Poop Report - For fans of feces...

Green Ball Statue Molesters - What would John Ashcroft think?

Green Ball Lunchclock - You may not get a free lunch, but you can get a longer one!

Green Ball The Official Disciple Web Site - The disciples are so cool!  And I think it was Bartholomew who was the one who got all the chicks - or was it Andrew?

Green Ball Crash Bonsai - Small cars crash into even smaller trees...

Green Ball Schmelvis - Was Elvis Jewish?  That is the question this site hopes to answer.  Don't miss "Elvis vs. Jesus"...

Green Ball The TWINKIES Project - This is one of the all-time classics.  In fact, for those of you who have been around in all the various incarnations of this site (I think this is you Doug), this was the original Stupid Site listed back in 1994 when I had my site back at Geocities.  Anyway, check out all the various experiments performed on twinkies...

Green Ball Weebl's Stuff - There's lots of good stuff here, like badger racing, but be sure not to miss the adventures of weebl and bob!

Green Ball Being David Still - Ever wish you could be someone else?  Well, now you can send e-mail as someone else!

Green Ball Yatta! - The video that started the craze!

Green Ball Everybody to the Limit - Come on fhqwhgads!

Green Ball The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page - Mmmmm - imagine if the Iron Chef made pizza...

Green Ball Insanity Test - Electric Wookie sent in this one and says this one is "just plain silly"

Green Ball AOL Disk Body Armor - Janet sent another site that contemplates "what do I DO with all these AOL CDs?"

Green Ball Ja Da - Michael sent us this fantastic site!  It must be seen to truly be appreciated.  I can't begin to describe it... Thanks for a fantastic site, Michael!

Green Ball Baddass Wrestle Wear - Want to dress up like your favorite wrestling superstar?  Now you can.  And it's not just singlets and ear protection!

Green Ball Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names - Janet comes through with another great site!  She says "this site isn't really stupid as much as it's funny. It's a collection of chemical names for real molecules or substances that have unusual (to say the least) names. Alot of them sound like bodily humor. One finds oneself wondering if the site is for real, although the sounds like an academic site..."  I think it is real also.  But either way, it is pretty funny!  Thanks, Janet!

Green Ball Cat Boxing - Move over baseball, here comes the new sport of the century!

Green Ball Facts on Farts - Everything you always wanted to know about farts but were afraid to ask...  Thanks for the suggestion, Kathrine!

Green Ball Antra's Dungeon - A great collection of flash cartoons from around the net.

Green Ball Roger's Profanisaurus - Searching for just the right vulgar word?  Try this page!

Green Ball MC Hawking's Crib - You know his scientific achievements, now get to know his gangsta rap!

Green Ball Chuck's Official Campaign to be Pope of the World - John Paul 2 is getting up there in years, so join Chuck's bid to be his replacement!

Green Ball Smalltime - BB sent this link which contains a bunch of great stupid stuff.  One of smalltime's great stupid games is Guess the Sit-Com Character or Dictator, which is one of the best stupid sites from 1998's list, but be sure to check out the other great stuff there, like Find the Spam, DADA, and the anonymous message server.  Thanks, BB!

Green Ball Bubblewrap Too! - Janet sent this one in also, and she says "You can pop single bubbles, or you can roll your cursor over whole lines of 'em, and get that rush that popping bubblewrap gives. And the bubbles come right back, so you don't have to throw it away when all the bubbles are popped."  This one is a great site, and although I know it is somewhere in the Hall of Fame, I thought it was so great, it should be listed again.  This one is a classic!

Green Ball eyeEnvision - Mat sent me his site, and I love it!  It has a bunch of great flash cartoons, and my favorites are the alien encounter and Litterbox!  Check them all out!

Green Ball Goth Bowl - The forces of darkness converged to give me a fiendishly evil 7-10 split...

Green Ball The World of Mank - All about the legend of the mank...

Green Ball A New Take on Pong - This flash video shows you a new look at the old game.

Green Ball - Don't ask, because I don't know either...

Green Ball Mattress Trash Authority - Tracking abandoned mattresses all over world!

Green Ball ihumpthings - See pictures of people humping inanimate objects.

Green Ball Pot Noodle - A very bizarre site.  But has Gizz tried them raw yet?

Green Ball Origami Boulder - Proof that people will buy anything...

Green Ball Airline Meals - Devoted to pictures of your favorite (or least favorite) airline meals.  If nothing else, you can always visit this site when you are hungry to help keep you on that diet.  And afterwards, you can always visit the Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum!

Green Ball The Evil Sock Puppet Conspiracy - Never rule these guys out either.  They are very sneaky...

Green Ball How to be a Drunk Asshole - Last night, I tried to follow these instructions.  Not really something you need lessons in, but remember - you can always be a bigger, drunker, more obnoxious asshole.

Green Ball You Don't Know Jack Schitt - All about the person everyone claims you don't know!

Green Ball Psychic Chicken Network - Better than Miss Cleo?

Green Ball Muffin Films - A bunch of short films about muffins.

Green Ball 555-LIST - A compilation of all the bogus numbers from movies and TV.

Green Ball Bad Fads Museum - Eagle sent me this site which has all the bad fads from yesteryear, including Afro hair, platform shoes, 8-tracks, cabbage patch dolls, and goldfish swallowing.  Good job, Eagle!

Green Ball How to Be a Ninja - Check out this picture of how to be a ninja in 7 easy steps.

Green Ball Support Princess Natalie - She doesn't want to work (who does?) so she is asking for your donations to keep her from having to go back to work...

Green Ball What does your phone number spell? - Enter a phone number, and this will give you a way to remember it.  In college, my friend's last four numbers spelled out "2SEX" - although that still didn't help him with the ladies.  Find out what interesting combinations your phone number spells!

Green Ball Pico vs uberkids - Play rock, paper, scissors with genetically enhanced kids in which the loser must play Russian roulette...

Green Ball - Celebrating the monobrow... you know, like Bert and Super Greg...

Green Ball The Anti-Tomato Website - Blaming all of the problems of the modern world on a vegetable...

Green Ball Powerpoint Shakespeare - Want to know about Hamlet, but don't even have time to watch the 4.5 hour Kenneth Branagh movie?  Get the executive summary in this Powerpoint presentation!  Complete with SWOT analysis!

Green Ball How Fresh Is This Guy? - A bunch of pictures of guys looking fresh... or maybe not so fresh...

Green Ball Televangelist Bingo - Play with your friends!  Make salvation fun!

Green Ball Spamradio - A computer voice reads you the best spam messages you've probably received.

Green Ball Redneck Neighbor - Eagle sent me this site, in which a guy rants about his redneck neighbor's antics.  Would seem to be unbelievable, except there are pictures - and you have to see them.  Don't miss the Hibachi incident!  Good job, Eagle!  Voted Best Stupid Site of 2002!.

Green Ball Miss Cleo Soundboard - If you loved the Bruce Lee and Buffy swearing ones, you'll love this one also.

Green Ball Psychedelic Republicans - Eagle suggested this site, where you can collect all the trading cards!  Great job, Eagle!

Green Ball Error 403.141592 - More fun with wacky error messages.

Green Ball Leader of the Free World? - Andy Foulds has this site that has a number of flash games that comment on politics, such as "Lead Bush by the Nose", "Dancing Tony Blair", and "The Military Industrial Complex".  My favorite is the third one, called "The Curse of Enron," in which Bush will duck out of the way whenever the Enron logo gets too close to him...

Green Ball Andy Foulds' Amusements - Home of all kinds of great time wasters, including Bouncy, Worms, and my personal favorite, Bughunt.

Green Ball *NSYNC Jaded Everybodys Free - Another humor site I came across when looking for a Pauly Shore page.  It's pretty funny in places.

Green Ball Skeletor and Gang - Watch Skeletor and his friends dance to sped up songs.

Green Ball Spank the Monkey - See how fast you can spank the monkey in this interactive game...

Green Ball Babysmasher - Eagle came through with this excellent suggestion.  And you thought those were baby changing tables, but now you know the truth!  Good job, Eagle!

Green Ball The Enron Code of Ethics - The Smoking Gun has obtained this copy of a document that obviously no one at Enron bothered to read.

Green Ball My Cat Hates You - Check out a bunch of cats at this site - and they all hate you.

Green Ball The 47 Society - 'Gizz' writes:  "Here's another "interesting" website - it makes sense if you worship 47. If you don't, then prepare to be converted! .....or not."  I have never really considered the significance of the number 47 (I myself am more partial to "e", irrational cousin of "pi"), but after visiting this site, I am converted! Thanks for the suggestion, Gizz!

Green Ball Strongbad E-mail - 'bill' writes:  "you have to put this on the stupid links. i think you would like to respond this ways to e-mail!!!  it is very funny."  You are right.  These little animated clips are great!  I like the Duck Pond (it has a game with it also).  Thanks for the suggestion, bill!

Green Ball Cheese Racing - I used to race oranges on the school bus, and now from Britain comes another exciting sport that allows you to race with your food!  All you need is some plastic wrapped cheese slices and a barbecue!

Green Ball The Potted Meat Product Tribute Page - My boss used to eat this in the office all the time when I was in New York.  We once had a can of it that we used as a mascot.  Check out the ingredients some time...

Green Ball Cheerios - Just how much fun can you have with a box of Cheerios?  Apparently more than you think...

Green Ball How to swear in foreign languages - Getting ready to travel overseas, and want to know what to say to the locals when they really piss you off?  This is generally the only foreign language I remember.

Green Ball Furniture Porn - Nothing like hot sofa-on-sofa action!

Green Ball Dictionaraoke - Sound clips from various on-line dictionaries are put together to make beautiful music.  Really.  Okay, maybe not that beautiful.

Green Ball The Words of Tim Reeves, esq. - While trying to diagnose the problems with yesterday's hyperlink, I came across this gem of a page with the great wisdom of "a man known for his, shall we say, comments which exceed the bounds of normal realm of speech."  At the end you can vote for your favorite quote.  I had to make a tough call between "the mop" and "kamikaze one."  Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2002!

Green Ball The Duct - 'Gizz' writes:  "It's not weird. It's not funny. But it's so completely and utterly pointless it deserves recognition. I give you........The Duct. Keep loving Giraffes, Pins and Sticky Things."  Will do.  So, without further ado, here is The Duct.  Thanks for the suggestion!  Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2002!

Green Ball The Reverend's LEGO Creations - A follow-up to yesterday's Bible Lego fun with more from the Reverend's Lego collection!

Green Ball Yeti@Home - Search for Bigfeet from the safety and comfort of your home in this spoof of the do-it-yourself extraterrestrial search SETI@Home.

Green Ball John Ashcroft Sings! - Make him stop!  This is John Ashcroft singing one of his original "songs" at a press conference.  Please, don't let some idiot give him a record deal!  Tough call as to who is worst - Mariah, Celine, Britney, Christina, N'Sync, or John Ashcroft?!

Green Ball What's wrong with this picture? - Our top stupid site contributor, electric wookie, comes through again with this great site!  It might take a while, but eventually I am sure you will see what is wrong with the picture.  Thanks, electric wookie!

Green Ball Ape Culture - This one came from an anonymous suggestion back when we had Forums.  It has a number of quirky humorous pages, such as "The Shatner Stalker Test", "Fat Pets Deal-a-Meal", and a number of great haikus.  As you can tell, Shatner, fat pets, and haikus are all slam dunks for the Hall of Fame.  Thanks, 'anonymous', for the suggestion!

Green Ball Vote Quentin! - A site left over from the 2000 election, I have a feeling we'll see Quentin run again in 2004!

Green Ball Operation Infinite Purity - President Bush's War on Masturbation!  See this and other spoofs at!

Green Ball Lost in Translation - What this site does is take your message, translate it into a number of languages and back into English with hilarious results.  Try it - it's lots of fun!  It's a great addition to the "The place of the stupid corridor of celebrity."

Green Ball F*cking town in Austria - I am not saying anything bad about this town, but rather it has this extremely unusual name.  I don't know what the name means in German (where it is pronounced "fooking"), but I know exactly what it means in English.  This town has been there, with this name, for almost a thousand years!

Green Ball More Foxy Felons - Electric Wookie sent us this link which is a follow-up to our previous site Am I a Hot Con or Not?.  More pictures of some cuties arrested for huge crimes, like grand theft auto! Thanks, Electric Wookie!

Green Ball Fartkontrol - I saw this brochure when I was in Denmark.  I don't know what it means in Danish, but I know what it means in English!

Green Ball My Trailer Park - Another virtual tour of a great trailer park.  Trailer parks, Britney Spears, stickman kung fu - the Stupid Site Hall of Fame is full of these things...

Green Ball Outhouses of America Tour - See all the best pictures of the best outhouses this country has to offer.  This is why we are the #1 country in the world!  Go USA!

Green Ball 101 Least Loved Conversation Hearts - You know those little candy hearts with the cute little love messages on them?  Well, these are the worst of those.  (You can order some like these at

Green Ball The Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention - It's just plain sad about what could happen to shopping carts out there...

Green Ball Jolene's Trailer Park Haven - Get some fashion tips from the Trailer Park Queen!

Green Ball Am I a Hot Con or Not? - This is what The Smoking Gun says that they are going to call this section.  They have collected a bunch of mug shots of 18 year old girls who have committed an assortment of crimes, who they have nicknamed "The Foxy Felons".  If you don't think their mug shots look good, compare them to Yasmine Bleeth's!

Green Ball I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives! - If you liked Buffy's keyboard, you'll love this Bruce Lee tribute, where you can mix your own Bruce Lee fight sequence from your keyboard!

Green Ball ZOMBO - Welcome to!

Green Ball Y2Khai - Kind of like Super Greg, but this time, it's "One Loc'd Out Asian!"

Green Ball Buffy's Swearing Keyboard - Okay, don't go here if you are at work, are under 18, are offended by profane language, or have one of those super loud subwoofers that rattles the house.  This site has vulgarities attached to each key, and pressing the key results in Buffy saying each swear (my favorites are "I" and "Z").  If you have had a stressful day, feel free to go here and make some magic on the keyboard.  A very fun site - reminded me of  A Christmas Story:  "My father worked on profanity like some artists worked with oils and clays."

Green Ball The Oracle of Bacon - The University of Virginia has developed this site that can do the 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon' in the minimal amount of links.  Finally, some computer power that is being used on something useful...  I have not been able to stump it yet.

Green Ball Mr. Methane, the Performing Flatulist - Mr. Methane farts out the hits!

Green Ball Fat Bastard Wine - Hey, pour another glass of that sweet tasting Fat Bastard!  Thanks for the tip, bill!

Green Ball Superbad - I don't quite know what this is, but the name of the site is certainly a good description.

Green Ball Collection of "All Your Base" Songs - You've seen the "All Your Base" phenomenon, now Evolution Control Committee brings us a collection of "All Your Base" songs in a variety of different styles, but all of them are excellent.

Green Ball Find Your X-Men Mutation - Do you have a special power like the X-Men?  If so, post it to this message board, or maybe you can identify with the special powers of others!

Green Ball Marry Theresa - Also known as the "Billboard Girl," this is a female version of the Stupid Site classic (and now defunct) "".  Are you a guy looking for love?  Check out Theresa's site.

Green Ball Fartmatic 5000 - Interactive machine that allows you to select your own parameters and make fart noises.  Hours of fun and amusement.  An alternative to eating all those beans... and better smelling, too!

Green Ball Seanbaby's Superfriends Site - Okay, the Superfriends is one of the things that will get you a mention in the Stupid Site Hall of Fame, as there is nothing more stupid than the Superfriends.  I just don't know which site is better - his new one or the original.  Ah, hell - I'll just put them both!

Green Ball Fatgeeks - A site devoted to some fat geeks (who don't really appear to be all that fat).  Anyway, one of things I noticed is that the site talks about looking for a hottie "who bring in the new Millennium" - they might have better luck if they look for her in about 997 years.

Green Ball Die Screaming With Sharp Things in Your Head - Celebrate the torture of garden gnomes.

Green Ball The Hampster Dance - Your worst nightmare just returned from 404-land.  Just click it...

Green Ball Swearbear - Push the bear's tummy and make him swear!

Green Ball Which macaroni and cheese are you? - Well, which are you?

Green Ball Watch me dance - So, I came across this one weirdly.  Each month, I check out the links in the Hall of Fame to get rid of dead ones, and I also check the ones in the Memorial to see if any are back from the dead (as you can see below).  Anyway, I was shocked to see that the defunct site "" pointed to the Danceman doing some dances in videos for some as yet unexplained reason.  So, here is the Danceman...

Green Ball White Trash World - Celebrate "loud music, big engines, hot chicks, and cold beer" at this site.

Still a glutton for more?  Check out the sites from 2001!