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2001 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball Star Wars in Asciimation - See Star Wars as rendered in the crude animation that uses Ascii characters.

Green Ball Jet Powered Beer Cooler - Someone with way too much time and money on their hands...

Green Ball The Church of the Quivering Otter - If you need religion, look to the otter for your salvation...

Green Ball Britney exposed! - See what's under all her layers...

Green Ball Get slapped - Get slapped by a pimp, Mahir, or Dwayne Johnson.

Green Ball Despair, Inc. - You have seen those great pictures with witty slogans for doing well in business (we had them around our workplace, and they felt like propaganda).  This is sort of the opposite.  Visit this site, you'll see what I mean. 

Green Ball T-Shirt Hell - In case you need a last minute gift idea...

Green Ball Bad Banjo Jokes - There is a story behind this site.  My boss' boss comes into my office today and has me spend several minutes looking for this web site.  He asks (orders) me to use the work computer to find the answer to the question "what do you call a banjo player in a three piece suit?"  We spent so long looking for it, I had to add it to this list.  My boss' boss is kinda nuts... Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2001!

Green Ball - Dedicated to the art of fork bending...

Green Ball Vanishing Osama bin Laden Urinal Screen - Chris nominated this for the coolest web site, but I think it fits better here.  See if you have a better chance of hitting Osama than the military...

Green Ball Eugene Mirman - See a child croon some of your favorite songs...

Green Ball Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers - I love it when the site's name says it all...

Green Ball The Presidential Museum - This place sells itself as the only true Presidential museum - that is, the only museum dedicated to all 51 U.S. Presidents - starting with John Hanson.  I admit - I stole this one from The Daily Show - but you have to admit, it belongs here.

Green Ball The Julia bin-Roberts Homepage - Deuce of Clubs has this great site on who they think should be cast to play Osama bin Laden in the inevitable movie about this whole war thing.

Green Ball Laid-Off: A No-Nothing Production - Also known by the more common "Odd Todd," this is the cartoon chronicle of a guy who was recently laid off.  As someone who has joined the ranks of the unemployed, it was very enlightening - and funny.  Thanks for the suggestion, Doug!

Green Ball - Where COPS meets Sportscenter!  Just when I couldn't find any good sites, Electric Wookie comes through again with this fantastic suggestion!  Thanks, Electric Wookie!

Green Ball Ginger/Segway/It - Hype hype hype! - buy buy buy! - hype hype hype! - invest invest invest! - it's the future! - Our economy depends on it!  It will revolutionize the world!  It will bring world peace! The future begins now!  The future will be built around this!  Yeah, right...

Green Ball Mullet Madness - Now that I can grow my hair out, should I join the mullet culture?  Let me know...

Green Ball The Beastmaster Files - Beastmaster sites will always make the Hall of Fame.  This one isn't as good as the previous site, which included the two fine sequels to the original Beastmaster, but this is still good.  I am still waiting for the Beastmaster trilogy box set on DVD...

Green Ball Who Would Buy That? - See all kinds of bizarre stuff for sale all over the web...

Green Ball Jesus the Monster Truck - Stomping out evil at a Monster Truck Rally near you!

Green Ball Super Greg - U too can get the flava of the Super Greg concept.

Green Ball Disco Dan the Alien Man - Follow the adventures...

Green Ball Bert is Evil - The page that is making all the news is here for your enjoyment.  Better check it out now while you still can!  Who would have thought that a stupid site would carry such power as to make international headlines?  This automatically qualifies it for Hall of Fame status!

Green Ball And The Bride Wore... - The worst wedding dresses...

Green Ball Scoop on Poop - Everything you wanted to know about poop but were afraid to ask...

Green Ball Lego Death - See a variety of ways to die recreated with Legos in this "Museum of Horrors."

Green Ball The Simulator - In case you don't have a real life, simulate one with this site.  Thanks for the tip, Doug!

Green Ball Pimphats - Serving all your pimp hat needs...

Green Ball Backyard Millennium Falcon - You've seen the Backyard Monorail, but this one is the best!  

Green Ball Tubcat - And to show that we are not partial to dogs with yesterday's stupid site, today we present "Tubcat," who is allegedly the "fattest cat eva."  (And who also, it seems, does not have a spellchecker for his page...)

Green Ball Cutiequake - Blow away cute things in this Shockwave game based on Quake.

Green Ball WTC Hoax Pictures - You've seen the hoax picture of the guy on top of the WTC when it was hit by the plane?  Just check out where else this guy has been!

Green Ball Peter Pan's Homepage - This one has got to be seen to be believed.  Really, just visit it.  Check out the fashion page pictures.  Can't believe this guy won a Webby... Thanks, Sean!  Voted Best Stupid Celebrity of 2001!

Green Ball Osama Invaders - It's like space invaders, but with Osama bin Laden.  Get him!

Green Ball Fat Chicks in Party Hats - Another great site suggested by Electric Wookie!  As he says, this wouldn't be half as funny if the guy behind this didn't have such a shaky command of the English language. Thanks, Electric Wookie!

Green Ball Post-A-Toilet - Send a toilet card to that special someone to let them know you care!

Green Ball How to Dance Properly - Yes, it's another dance site, which makes it doubly stupid.

Green Ball Ed the Sock - The ultimate sock puppet

Green Ball Sound effects for your cat - As it says, it's better than catnip!

Green Ball Metaphilm - Some interesting views of recent movies.  I mean, who knew that Fight Club was really a movie about Calvin and Hobbes?

Green Ball Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi - A great tour of some of Mississippi's finest homes...

Green Ball That Funny Steve Ballmer Video Thing - Check out this great video clip of Microsoft's CEO doing his happy dance!

Green Ball The Gullibility Virus - Check to make sure you aren't infected!

Green Ball Virtual Stapler - I love it.  I just bang away here for hours. Voted Best Stupid Site of 2001!

Green Ball Zombie Alert - Is your home protected against zombies?

Green Ball $95,000 Adventure - Read all about a guy who cashed one of those fake checks you get in junk mail...

Green Ball The Santa Cruz/Bay Area Geek Social Scene - Like the society pages in your local paper, but only where geek is chic...

Green Ball Scratch & Sniff - The technology of the Internet has advanced to where you can now scratch and sniff and enjoy the aroma...

Green Ball The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide - Never lose again!  Follow this strategy guide to success!  Also, play against the computer with the on-line trainer!

Green Ball The Lunar Embassy - Looking for some extraterrestrial real estate?

Green Ball Beans Around the World - See the traveling adventures of the magical fruit.

Green Ball Tickle Me Elvis - So simple, and yet so good...

Green Ball I Gave My Cat an Enema - You must see this site.  Very, very good.  Check this and other great stories at

Green Ball The Hearse Enthusiast - Do you love hearses, but you just can't seem where to find one?  Now, check this site out!

Green Ball Teasing Cat Clip - Funniest cat clip ever!

Green Ball Partridge Family Temple - You've seen the Church of Elvis, now check out the church devoted to the worship of the Partridge Family!

Green Ball The First Twins - A page devoted to the antics of the President's daughters. If you know of some funnier sites, let me know. I heard there were a whole bunch, but this is the only one I could find.

Green Ball Stalking Chunk - Too scary...

Green Ball Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol - For when your DSL access craps out...

Green Ball Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - Help study and save Sasquatches!

Green Ball Engrish -  The funny thing is that these are actual signs and products from Japan. Thanks, Kristie!

Green Ball Post-It Theater - Great cinema from boredom at the office...

Green Ball Demon Magazine - More humor from the Ivy League. Check out the Movie Goofs - it's great!

Green Ball Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad - Okay, you kids that are just graduating and going off to college - food goes bad, and your mom and dad aren't there to clean up after you. This guide will help you figure out whether that three year old of mayonnaise on your counter is still good or not.

Green Ball Office Pranks - Lighten up the office with some of these pranks!

Green Ball cynsa beans - Among the other things on this page is a link to "rectal foreign bodies".

Green Ball Humorous Valentine's Cards - These are great. Send one to your special someone.

Green Ball Dateline Kennel - Check out these funny pictures of dogs.

Green Ball Squirrel Fishing - The sport of the future?

Green Ball Stoopid Web Tricks - Yep, they're stupid...

Green Ball This Page Intentionally Left Blank - Put this one in the "name says all" category...

Green Ball The History of Toilets - Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Also, need a gift for that special someone? Consider the Poop Pen!

Green Ball The Ironic Times - It's the news, but isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Green Ball - Read actual letters of resignation!

Green Ball Jump the Shark - An investigation into the moment when TV shows begin to suck!

Green Ball The Bathroom Diaries - Your on-line guide to clean bathrooms around the world!

Green Ball Sissyfight - Fight like a sissy in this Shockwave game.

Green Ball Dean and Nigel - These two British lads go around and try to blend in with various old people they meet on the street. You'll have to see it to know what I am talking about.

Green Ball Bob's World of Liberace - You haven't seen it all, until you see Bob's site devoted to Liberace! Is it just me, or does Liberace seem, well, you know, gay?

Green Ball All your base are belong to us - Read the story of this phenomenon that is sweeping the world. What is it about you ask? Well, you have to check out the story, but I'll give you a hint - Japanese video games...

Green Ball Furious George and the Cross Country Crime Spree - Take a monkey around the country committing crimes in this on-line game!

Green Ball Crop Circle Quest - This site is devoted to uncovering mystery of crop circles. I guess the explanation that it was two drunken Englishmen with nothing better to do was really just a plot hatched by the CIA to cover up the fact that aliens have nothing better to do than to draw circles in wheat and shove probes up rednecks' rectums!

Green Ball The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything - Just push it. It really doesn't do anything - or does it?

Green Ball Customers Suck - Another place for you to rant about how much your customers suck. A lot of bitterness on the Net these days, eh?

Green Ball Unsexy Thoughts - If you ever needed to think unsexy thoughts but just couldn't think of any, here is a site that has plenty for you to think about.

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