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2000 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball Harvey Sid Fisher - I first saw Mr. Fisher on The Daily Show, and the above page was the only one I could find. Now, he has informed me that he has his own site, on which he has links to his lyrics and a place to buy his songs/videos (a perfect Christmas gift for that hard-to-shop-for person!). Harvey is awesome, and you must check his tour dates and see if he is coming to a place near you!

Green Ball Dancing Paul - You can make him dance how you want to! This one is very well done! Don't miss it!

Green Ball - Ok, I have to warn you about this site - there are some rude pictures of some really ugly people at this site. You shouldn't go here unless you are properly prepared, so make sure you haven't just eaten, because some of these pictures just might make you puke. Consider yourself warned, and go here only if you dare... Thanks to 'electric wookie' for the tip.

Green Ball Hot or Not? - Rate pictures and let people know whether you consider them Hot or not. I have a feeling that most of these people are gluttons for punishment.  Voted Best Stupid Site of 2000 and Best "Am I __ or ..." Site of 2001!

Green Ball Am I Goth or Not? - Same thing as Hot or Not?, but this time you rate pictures and let people know whether you consider them Goth or not. I always thought that the number one rule of Goth is that you don't consider yourself Goth.

Green Ball Bush-Gore Dance - Ok, I have listed a bunch of these, but this one is my favorite. And I promise, this will be it - I am getting as sick of the election as you are.  Voted Worst Stupid Site of 2000!

Green Ball - This site is dedicated to the oddities of the English language and bad writing.  It's marginally funny, but I really appreciate the long URL name.  You know, this link will be the only way that people will be able to access the site.  Can you imagine trying to type all of that into your browser?

Green Ball Flori-duh! - No wonder these people were confused...

Green Ball The Vortex - Seen the Space Needle? Pretty cool. How about the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Taj Mahal? This landmark will blow them all away, according to its designer. Where will this be located - LA, Atlanta, or Las Vegas? Try the middle of freaking nowhere in Nebraska. Now you see why it's on this page?

Green Ball Dumb Laws - You may be breaking the law right now and not even know it! Better check this out to make sure!

Green Ball The Dialectizer - Convert any page to any dialect...

Green Ball Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics - I never knew she was so smart...

Green Ball The Chopped Off Hands of Star Wars Site - Devoted to the real stars of the Star Wars saga - all of the hands that got chopped off. There are more of these than you might think...

Green Ball Movie-a-Minute - Don't have time for the movies? You can catch up on the movie in only one minute!

Green Ball Star Wars Humor - The original home of "Is Lieberman the Emperor from Star Wars"!

Green Ball Australians Against Flatuphobia - Help fight the discrimination against farters!

Green Ball St Paul Police Dept Prostitution Photos - See losers who tried to pick up prostitutes but failed! See the hideous prostitutes themselves! See if there is anyone you recognize!

Green Ball So You've Decided to be Evil - A guide for how to become an evil bad-ass!

Green Ball Breast Pals - Art made by breasts. Must be seen to be truly appreciated...

Green Ball Happy Woman Magazine - Check out this magazine who's motto is "We think so you don't have to"!

Green Ball Rusty is a homosexual. - Wait for the pictures to download before reading this touching story of a young boy who discovers his homosexuality. I can bet that this story is not part of the Republican's campaign to defeat illiteracy.

Green Ball The Stories of George the Hamster - Truly stupid. All I can say.

Green Ball Experimental Device to Stop Alien Abduction - A device that stops aliens from reading your mind. That way, only you know that you want to purchase "Shades for Men" lipstick for men...

Green Ball Cat Resort - It's a resort for your freaking cat! Wish I had money to waste on crap like this...

Green Ball Corn Cam - Corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn corn ...

Green Ball Writers and Artists Snacking at Work - Need a snack, but not sure what you are looking for? Let this site help you with some advice!

Green Ball Bud's Travels - Bud is a mannequin who travels all around the world. See pictures from his trip here!

Green Ball Dull Men's Club - Are you dull? If so, there is a place for you on the net.

Green Ball Mike the Headless Chicken - This is real...

Green Ball Porn-o-matic - Ever wish you could star in your own porno movie? Now you can in this automatic porn plot generator!

Green Ball Big Waste of Space - Well, the name says it all. It's also a waste of time and bandwidth!

Green Ball Way Too Personal - Adventures in Internet dating - maybe from visiting the below sites?

Green Ball Inmate Lovin - If you are desperate enough, you can get some inmate lovin'

Green Ball Geek Erotica - All your needs if you are looking for geek lovin'

Green Ball Simeon's World of Magic - See the first on-line magician, with some stupid tricks!

Green Ball Mother of All Excuses - Forgot your anniversary? Need an excuse quick? Check out this site!

Green Ball Project: Denny's - These guys want to visit every Denny's in the world. For those who are familiar with Prescott, Arizona's Denny's, let's hope they don't get TurboWaitress - they may spend the rest of their lives awaiting the coffee refill!

Green Ball Britney Spears Breast Pump - Check out the truth behind how Britney Spears doubled her bust size without surgical augmentation (yeah, right!).

Green Ball What the Heck? - See all the stuff people have been trying to sell on eBay...

Green Ball Eric conveys an emotion - I don't know who Eric is or why anyone would want to see him convey an emotion...

Green Ball Ain't No Way to Go - A collection of the best (or is it worst) ways to bite the dust.

Green Ball Landover Baptist Church - There is some debate as to whether or not this is a real church or just a parody. So, let's put it this way: if this is a parody, this is sheer genius; if this is a real church, this is absolutely scary. You be the judge...

Green Ball Doodie - Here is the perfect cartoon for all fecalphiliacs! If you love Mr. Hankey, you'll love Doodie. These cartoons are full of crap!

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