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1999 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

Note: Links open in new windows.

Green Ball Make Your Own Independent Counsel Report - Remember the Ken Starr report?  Make your own through this mad lib!

Green Ball Rare Pictures of Martha Stewart at Home - See Martha like you've never seen her before!

Green Ball Killer Japanese Seizure Robots - Check them out - they're better than Pokemon!

Green Ball The Onion - I thought I had this one on here before. This is a classic spoof on the news. One of the most humorous sites on the web.

Green Ball Famous Mugshots - See your favorite celebrities in their most unflattering pictures!

Green Ball 404 Research Lab - A lab devoted to researching our favorite Internet error.

Green Ball Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie - Combat mind-control cost efficiently!

Green Ball Alex Chiu's Immortality Device - If you have money and don't know what to waste it on, check this out!

Green Ball Perpetual Bubblewrap - They have everything on the net...

Green Ball Roswell Rods - Cheap film or fast aliens? This site examines a new UFO phenomenon.

Green Ball TheSpark.Com Death Test - Take this test to see how long you will live.

Green Ball The Art of Art Frahm - This page is a study in the effects of celery on loose elastic and gravity. After you visit it, you will see what I mean. If you like bad art, this is for you!

Green Ball - This is something of a phenomenon. This poor Turkish guy makes this page, which spawns the following recommended pages: Mahir Cagri Ate My Balls, The Mahir Dance, Maulhir, Mahir Trek, an MP3 song, and even his own Portal, Mahir! You have to see these pages to believe them, but don't see them until you have seen the page that started it all - Mahir Cagri's Page (too bad NBCi screwed it up - Mahir's page is gone forever I think)!

Green Ball Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum! - If you are a bad air traveler, this is for you!

Green Ball The Gary Coleman Web-a-Thon - You too can buy Gary Coleman's spatula (no kidding!)...  Voted Worst Stupid Site of 1999!

Green Ball Gallery of Regrettable Food 3.0 - Poorly photographed food and nasty recipes. Great for dieters!

Green Ball Museum of Bad Art - You must see this to truly appreciate it!  Voted Best Stupid Site of 1999!

Green Ball Guess the Beer - Think you know beer? Try your luck at these pictograms...

Green Ball History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less - I spent all those years in history classes for nothing; here it all is summed up nicely!

Green Ball - What the HELL is up with this?

Green Ball bumper dumper - Yes, it's Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper portable toilet...

Green Ball Sulabh International Museum of Toilets - Everything you ever wanted to know about toilets...

Green Ball Assassin - Kill Celebrities - If you always wanted to take a shot at the Olsen twins, Hanson, or the Spice Girls, here's your chance!

Green Ball Guy Rules - Women, you can't figure guys out? Guys, you don't know which urinal to use or when it's appropriate to say "I Love You"? Then, this page has all the rules!

Green Ball I am an idiot - Stories of infamous idiots!

Green Ball Haiku Movie Reviews - They're movie reviews, but also haikus!

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