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1998 Stupid Site Hall of Fame

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Green Ball The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs - You really have to see this one, especially if you like Taco Bell.

Green Ball - Not what it sounds like. This site offers a look at misquoted lyrics. Check it out!

Green Ball Spud Gun Technology Center - The home of the potato gun

Green Ball The Ultimate Accordion Website! - If you love polka, you'll love this site dedicated to the lost art of squeezeboxes!  Voted Worst Stupid Site of 1998!

Green Ball Telebubby Fun Land - If you hate the Teletubbies as much as I do, check out this fun page for adults. You won't be disappointed.  Voted Best Stupid Site of 1998!

Green Ball Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - It is time to choose which side you support in this important debate.

Green Ball Hydrogen Hydroxide: Now More Than Ever! - It is time to choose which side you support in this important debate.

Green Ball Exploding Whale Page - An oldie, but a goodie! It seems that it is thought that this is an urban legend, but here is the true story of the exploding whale at the Oregon coast.

Green Ball Alliterative Religious Euphemisms for 'Spanking the Monkey' - I love these lists... A guy from Cornell came up with these. Now I know why I never got accepted in the Ivy League - I didn't have enough time on my hands...

Green Ball Marshmallow Peeps Page - Just in time for Easter. Neil, this one's for you!

Green Ball The dickmobile - The car of the future?

Green Ball The Reverend Jonathan Bell - This guy has to be the worst televangelist I have ever seen! As seen on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, this guy is hilarious! He left his late night, public access show in Dallas to return to his native Canada to return to his prior job as a hairdresser! Why didn't he make it? Download the sound clips, and find out!

Green Ball Guess the Sit-Com Character or Dictator - Ok, so you don't have Shockwave, so you can't participate in the other stupid games like Spice Slap or Celebrity Slugfest. Ok, how about this site? It challenges you to pick either a sitcom character or a reviled dictator, and then it tries to guess which you chose by asking you a few questions.

Green Ball The Jihad to Destroy Barney - If you hate that big talking eggplant as much as I do, you will want to visit this site to join the ranks of those who seek the destruction of talking muppet! Rise up and be heard my brothers and sisters! Note: This site is being threatened with legal action, so visit it while you still can! What is the Internet coming to when the foundation of its strength, sites like this one, are being systematically destroyed by legal action...

Green Ball Kevin's Oddly Different Story Time - Remember those days of yesterday when you used to read those great stories as a kid? Well, here you can read the same stories, but with a different twist! Read all about the adventures of James and the Giant Roll of Barbed Wire, Curious George and the High Tension Power Line, Horton Hires a Whore!, and Henry's Red Balloon. These are sure to be classics!

Green Ball The Complete List of Sites that Ate My Balls! - There are so many sites where everyone from Barney to Yoko Ono ate my balls, that I just decided to put a list to all of them here. There has been so much hard work put into all of these sites, that it is unfair to single any of them out, but they are worth mentioning here in one way or another.