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Another Proposal for Middle East Peace

“One Country, Two Systems”

by Sam Greenlaw (comments welcomed at

Current efforts to resolve the war between Palestinians and Israelis are based on a "Two Countries" model and the Oslo Accords.  Creating a separate Palestinian State leaves the Palestinians with little economic resource and heavy political burdens.  A different approach may be necessary.

Basic facts are straightforward:

A solution is available based on recent experience in Asia:

Why do it ?  Because there may well be no other political structure that works. 

Undoing 1948 mistakes is essential.  Undoing problems with Oslo is also essential: "Two Country" solutions fail, because resources for change will not be available.  The pro-everyone, "One Country" solution slams the door on anti-everyone, hate-based propaganda and violence. 

Hatred has become the fundamental problem, not Palestinians, Islam or Jews, Judaism or Israel.  "If you want revenge, build two coffins."  The great worlds of Islam and Judaism are not supposed to be at war.  Only Satan is pleased. 

The proposal in this posting is NOT on the table. But perhaps it should be.  Action is necessary.  Where else can come deliverance, but from the East ?

Also: forgive everything.  The human heart is the same over the whole Earth.


[ P.S. May, 2002.  Source ethnicity: Scotland.  Presented with apologies to both sides for shortcomings rooted in ignorance. ]