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Special Rants

Help John Ashcroft Cover Up Porn! - How one man sets out to save a country from boobs... and don't miss the sequel: Operation CUPS

Mike's Soapbox - Ok, I admit it - it's a blog!

Gizz's Page - Gizz was a columnist who regularly contributed here are RIYP. In addition to the Number 47, her hobbies include making a complete arse of herself in public, spending money she doesn't have on junk she doesn't need, and general fun having. Her philosophy on life is: People will laugh both at you and with you, but as long as they're laughing who cares!

Mike's Stupid Stuff - A collection of really stupid things I have created.

Fly the Union Jack over Columbia, South Carolina! - Here's my proposal on the Confederate flag debate.

Holey Land - A sarcastic look at the Middle East violence.

My Proposal for Middle East Peace - A serious proposal for bringing peace to the Middle East.

"One Country, Two Systems" by Sam Greenlaw - Another serious proposal for bringing peace to the Middle East.

"Restaurant Lobster Fare: Nearby Diners Beware" by Marjorie Dorfman - A humorous look at the dangers of eating lobsters in restaurants.

RANTCON! - My sarcastic take on Herr Ridge's "Terror Warning Color Codes"

Rants in Your Pants Awards - The best and worst of each year as picked by you, the ranters...