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Holey Land

Visit the Holey Land!

Everyone thinks that the region of Israel/Palestine is known as the "Holy Land" because many of the world's major religions were founded there.  But in all actuality, this area is known as the "Holey Land"!

Yes, they have many sites of religious significance, but even more importantly, they have holes!

Photo credit:  AP Photo/Marco Di Lauro

Lots of holes!

Photo credit:  AP Photo/Mohammad Mohesen

And they are getting more and more holes each day!

Photo credit:  Reuters/Baz Ratner

They have holes of all sizes, from small bullet holes to huge tank sized holes!

Photo credit:  Reuters/Ammar Awad

So come to the Holey Land, and see the holes!

Photo credit:  AP Photo/Nasser Nasser

But you better visit the Holey Land soon, before it's too late - and it becomes one giant hole...