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Best Site Search Terms - May 2010

June 3, 2010

One of the things I love best are the weird phrases that people put into search engines that bring them here. Here are my favorites from last month:

lost season finale - Don't bother.

west virginia state professor mike lewis - Not me.

jennifer dempster naked - Another visitor from 1999!

nacked women - You know, you might have better luck if you learn how to spell!

juicy pants rant - I don't want to know.

crazy stuff to do with friends danecing - Isn't "danecing" crazy enough for you?

crazy things do your bored - Skip words sense no make.

lost finale bullshit - I completely agree!

delivery failure your domain does not have access to route messages to the specified domain - Umm, okay?

eppbgraa - And that brought you here?