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Best Site Search Terms - April 2010

May 10, 2010

One of the things I love best are the weird phrases that people put into search engines that bring them here. Here are my favorites from last month:

crazy things to do when your bored - Hmm, maybe take a grammar class? What's funny is that there were EIGHT searches using the grammatically incorrect "your" and only one using the correct "you're."

qq - Not quite sure how or why this brought you to my site, but for three of you, it did!

crazy list of things to do - My wife always has a crazy list of things to do, but I believe you are looking for the "list of crazy things to do."

i am juicy girl and i want to leave korea - Oh, I totally got this one. Go to an American airbase, get some GI to buy you a $5 shot of juice, rub up and down on his leg, and then get him to marry you and take you to the "land of the big BX."

things to draw on your pants - If you need ideas, might I suggest the RIYP logo? Oh, and you can add the URL address as well.

crazy things to do to be remember. - I do many crazy thing to be remember which why my web page popular. At least in Kazakhstan. With goat.

tuching breasts - Once again, if you can't spell it, you shouldn't do it.

the depositor of four tunk boxes - Not quite sure what a "tunk" box is - and not quite sure if I really want to know.

draw out your pant - What, with a drawstring? Hahahaha, I crack myself up sometimes.

things to do with a blow up doll - Besides getting to ride in the carpool lane when you are driving alone?