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Is It Broken?

February 23, 2010

I have been getting calls during the day to participate in polls.

First, do I think the Democrats are doing a good job? My answer? No. Turns out, this "poll" was actually the first step to the Democrats fund-raising efforts. "After the election of Scott Brown, we need your financial assistance to get our agenda through and to help us win the 2010 elections." I interjected and explained that I accepted that health care would be an issue if I voted for Democrats in 2008, but I didn't know it would be THE ONLY issue. I also reminded them that they still had a majority of the votes; last time I checked 59 still beat 41. And what about creating jobs, ending the wars, and the countless other issues OTHER than health care?

Meanwhile, another poll was do I think government is broken. My answer? Yes. I don't know how many political representatives know the real desires of their constituents. People elect a Democrat instead of a Republican, and so the politician automatically assumes that the people have spoken for ALL Democratic issues. I remember that twenty years ago when I was in high school, I had to write a report on Iowa's 6th Congressional District. At that time I found that although the district was almost always Republicans, the people of that district were almost always opposed to foreign aid. Therefore, during the Reagan years when spending on foreign aid was huge, the representative from this district went against his party and voted against it because of the wishes of his constituents. His people were the basis for his votes, not his party.

But now, it seems that no matter what, the party takes precedence. A Republican wins 51-49; it's a mandate to go pro-life, pro-gun, anti-health care - all of it, no matter what the actual people want. Maybe people voted for a Democrat to bring an end to the Iraq war but still remain as a majority opposed to abortion. Maybe a Republican was elected but people still want them to try to find a solution to health care problems.

The fact is that the Democrats keep trying to push through this health care reform and the Republicans are determined to do all they can do to stop it. No one is talking, and worse, you've got the actual certifiable nutjobs like Michele Bachmann bringing up all kinds of crap about "death squads" and raising the paranoia rather than actually listening to the people and trying to find compromise and a solution to the problem. It's like if they can just make the problems big enough and last long enough, they'll win re-election. But enough with your next term - what about this one?