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The Best of Gizz's Page 2005

by Georgia Maclean-Henry aka "Gizz"

10/11/05 -

It’s been a long while since I’ve actually written anything for my lonely corner of the Rants universe. I am sure my two fans Bob and Gruber would be most distressed if they actually existed anywhere else other than inside the chasm of my imagination…

I could explain to them the reasons why I’ve been away so long, but what good would it do? They get very irritated by the letter ‘e’. This makes conversation with them difficult. More so than the fact they aren’t real.

But now it’s time to return. Why?

Well, I saw this film, and I couldn’t believe it. How stupid is the general public? Is the average person on the street not only unbelievably xenophobic but extremely uneducated? Or is it just that there’s something very wrong with Americans????!!!!! I still can’t believe it.