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Cool Links

Showing the love for some of my favorite sites:

Green Ball Fickle Finger of Fiction - Some great fiction by my favorite author. :)

Green Ball JetCareers - If you're an aspiring aviator, you need to visit this site of my friend Doug.

Green Ball Howeln - My friend Neil's site.

Green Ball Scott Sigler - If you love horror and lots and lots of violence, you'll love reading Scott's stuff. And he also podcasts his novels, which are as awesome to listen to as they are to read. In fact, you'll get hooked on the podcast and find yourself getting the book so you can skip to the end.

Green Ball Keith and the Girl - My favorite podcast. Sometimes offensive but always funny, give them a listen!

Green Ball Hometown Tales - Obscure yet entertaining legends, myths, and urban legends presented in their weekly podcast.